Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hardest Trivia Questions, Ever

Update: There is now a second article: The Hardest Trivia Questions Ever, Part Two.
Wikipedia is a font of really useful information, but it can also be the source of some of the most obscure information to have graced the Web. Specifically, their "Did you know" section on the front page tends to have some of the most obscure trivia you'll come across. I've turned some of it into a set of trivia questions. See how many you can get by using your scroll bar to hide the next question's answer just off the bottom while you guess (questions after the jump)...


Q: ____ is an Israeli charity that collects leftover and surplus food, gathering enough each week to provide 12,000 to 14,000 meals and 40 to 50 tons of produce?
A: Table to Table

The New York Times

Q: ____ was the first woman to be national political correspondent for The New York Times?
A: Robin Toner


Q: ____ is the largest supermarket chain in Israel to sell non-kosher food?
A: Tiv Ta'am


Q: ____ was installed head of Benin because the military did not recognise Maurice Kouandété as the official leader?
A: Paul-Émile de Souza


Q: ____ was a Japanese naval architect, noted for work on innovative warships such as the cruiser Yubari and Yamato for the Imperial Japanese Navy?
A: Yuzuru Hiraga

Israeli Arab

Q: ____ was the first Israeli Arab woman to be elected to the Knesset?
A: Hussniya Jabara


Q: ____ was once barred from a nightclub near Ottawa, Canada, because Prime Minister of Canada Mackenzie King disapproved of his father?
A: William Buchan, 3rd Baron Tweedsmuir


Q: ____ is the only Australian-born player to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Canada?
A: Tommy Dunderdale

Mayflower Hotel

Q: ____ was founded at the Mayflower Hotel on the eve of the inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as U.S. President in 1933?
A: United States Conference of Mayors


Q: ____ was a major influence on the distinctive fiddle sound that helped shape and develop early country music in the 1920s and 1930s?
A: Charlie Bowman


Q: ____ was the Chief Rabbi of the Polish Army during the German invasion of Poland in 1939, and died a year later as a Soviet prisoner of war in the Katyn massacre?
A: Baruch Steinberg

Polish Council of State

Q: ____ was the only member of the Polish Council of State to vote against the implementation of martial law in Poland in 1981?
A: Ryszard Reiff

Old-time music

Q: ____ was the first to play old-time music on Nashville radio, and his "Possum Hunters" records are considered some of the most complex string band compositions in the genre?
A: Humphrey Bate


Q: ____ is the first Asian to have written a book on ethnomusicology?
A: S. A. K. Durga

Omaha, Nebraska

Q: ____ was a founder of Omaha, Nebraska, and an early resident of Iowa's Black Hawk Purchase?
A: Enos Lowe


Q: ____ was the First and principal Naval Aide-de-camp to King Edward VII?
A: Henry Frederick Stephenson

New York City

Q: ____ was the leading publisher of theological and religious books in New York City during the early 1800s?
A: Jonathan Leavitt

Goodyear Blimps

Q: ____ is where the first Goodyear Blimps were assembled?
A: White City Amusement Park


Q: ____ is a high-altitude settlement in Slovenia having huts whose oval roofs (pictured) have wooden shingles that extend nearly to ground level to accommodate cattle?
A: Velika Planina

Philadelphia Flyers

Q: ____ was so excited to be drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1981 NHL Entry Draft that he climbed over seats to get to the stage, and became stuck in a seat for two hours?
A: Barry Tabobondung


Q: ____ is the first person since 1966 to be elected Mayor of Mesa, Arizona without having first served on its City Council?
A: Scott Smith


Q: ____ was chair of StatoilHydro, Norway's largest company, for four days?
A: Eivind Reiten


Q: ____ lost the 1856 election for the Governor of New Jersey by less than 3,000 votes?
A: William Cowper Alexander


Q: ____ was said to have been the first man in Illinois to volunteer for the American Civil War?
A: Augustus Louis Chetlain


Q: ____ is thought to have written the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West anonymously, because writing in the vernacular language was considered vulgar?
A: Wu Cheng'en

Fur trade

Q: ____ had both been in the fur trade before entering the shipping business, culminating with their 1965 purchase of Seatrain Lines?
A: Joseph Kahn and Howard Pack

Pulitzer Prize

Q: ____ won the Pulitzer Prize for an editorial on the shared responsibility of labor and management for an unauthorized strike that put 45,000 Chrysler workers out of work?
A: Royce Howes

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

Q: ____ played leading roles with the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company from 1896 to 1901 but died in 1902 at the age of 27?
A: Jones Hewson

Sound barrier

Q: ____ became the youngest person to break the sound barrier when she piloted a MIG-29 fighter jet at Mach 1.3 on July 12, 1994 at the age of eleven?
A: Katrina Mumaw

Phantom island

Q: ____ was a phantom island near Antarctica, described in 1832 by Benjamin Morrell, who was called "the biggest liar in the Southern Ocean"?
A: New South Greenland


Q: ____ was the last Australian to take 100 wickets on an Ashes tour of England, being the leading wicket-taker during the 1948 Invincibles tour?
A: Bill Johnston


Q: ____ was honored for his absurdist play about an impoverished Russian pensioner who engages in fanciful correspondence with Queen Elizabeth II, Vladimir Lenin, and Robinson Crusoe?
A: Oleg Bogayev

Chief Scout

Q: ____ became the Chief Scout of the Hungarian Scouts-in-Exile when scouting was banned by the Communist government after World War II?
A: Kisbarnaki Ferenc Farkas

Women's Suffrage

Q: ____ was known as "The General" for her habit of leading Women's Suffrage processions (lapel pin pictured) wearing an officer's cap and epaulettes whilst riding a large horse?
A: Flora Drummond

Gold mine

Q: ____ is the first commercial gold mine in Niger?
A: Samira Hill Gold Mine

Transition administration

Q: ____ is a petition to the transition administration of Barack Obama organized by the UFO community to put the extraterrestrial issue on the new U.S. administration's agenda?
A: Million Fax on Washington

Museum of Modern Art

Q: ____ organized the 1968 exhibition Word and Image of 300 posters at the Museum of Modern Art called "so handsome that for a minute you wonder why billboards are disfigurements"?
A: Mildred Constantine


Q: ____ was the first Al-Qaeda operative to be convicted of directing terrorism in the United Kingdom?
A: Rangzieb Ahmed


Q: ____ was not a spy according to her brother, even though the 2008 film The Bank Job depicted her as one?
A: Gale Benson


Q: ____ was the first Teamsters General President elected by a direct vote of the membership?
A: Ron Carey

Member of Parliament

Q: ____ was Member of Parliament for Guildford after his nephew Foot Onslow, and was then succeeded by another nephew, Richard Onslow, 1st Baron Onslow?
A: Denzil Onslow

1947 Wolverines

Q: ____ was captain of the 1947 Wolverines who were selected as the greatest Michigan football team of all time?
A: Bruce Hilkene

2nd Tactical Air Force

Q: ____ was the top-scoring night-fighter unit in 2nd Tactical Air Force in the period between D-Day and VE Day?
A: 410 Squadron RCAF


Q: ____ is the first and only hospice in Dorset, England, for children with life-limiting conditions?
A: Julia's House


Q: ____ was set to become Beijing correspondent for The New York Times when he instead was appointed the fourteenth editor-in-chief of The Atlantic Monthly in March 2006?
A: James Bennet

Secretary of the Oregon Territory

Q: ____ was appointed as the Secretary of the Oregon Territory after later U.S. President Abraham Lincoln declined the position?
A: Edward D. Hamilton


Q: ____ was the Alanian wife of Artaxias I, the king of Armenia and the founder of the Artaxiad Dynasty?
A: Satenik


Q: ____ is the place in Nagpur, India, where thousands of people embraced Buddhism on October 14, 1956?
A: Deekshabhoomi


Q: ____ was named 2005 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year, the first Paralympian to earn the honor, after winning the 2.4 meter world championship against 60 able-bodied and 27 disabled sailors?
A: Nick Scandone


Q: ____ is being considered to become the official state pie of Indiana, USA?
A: sugar cream pie

The Daily Observer

Q: ____ resigned as editor-in-chief of The Daily Observer, a newspaper in The Gambia, after being pressured by management not to publish stories about a certain politician?
A: Paschal Eze

Big Ten

Q: ____ won two Big Ten doubles tennis championships with his twin brother, and later coached Michigan tennis teams to 11 Big Ten and one NCAA team championships?
A: William Murphy

U.S. state

Q: ____ is not in the U.S. state of Delaware but rather in Ohio?
A: Delaware State Park


Q: ____ won the NCAA heavyweight collegiate wrestling championship twice and was subsequently drafted by the Cleveland Browns to play in the NFL?
A: Dave Porter

2008-09 Nordic Combined World Cup

Q: ____ is leading the 2008-09 Nordic Combined World Cup right now?
A: Anssi Koivuranta


Q: ____ was a 19th-century English musician and composer with whom a young Robert Browning fell in love?
A: Eliza Flower

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Q: ____ was a power-sharing proposal made by the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to the government of Sri Lanka to resolve the Sri Lankan civil war?
A: Interim Self Governing Authority


Q: ____ was elected President of the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1901, nearly 30 years after his father, Thomas Hawksley, was elected to the position?
A: Charles Hawksley


Q: ____ is the most common cause of highway bridge failure (example pictured) in the United States?
A: bridge scour


Q: ____ is an Armenian raw meat dish similar to steak tartare?
A: chee kufta

Running back

Q: ____ played six seasons as a running back in the National Football League despite never playing college football?
A: Charles Leigh

Chicago Park District

Q: ____ is named after the Chicago Park District's Washington Park although it is neither in the park nor in the Washington Park community area?
A: Washington Park Court District

Major League Baseball

Q: ____ is one of two Major League Baseball players to have attended Texas Wesleyan University, the other being Hall of Famer Tris Speaker?
A: Jeff Moronko


Q: ____ became the first Latina judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals in 2003?
A: Darleen Ortega


Q: ____ was an attempt by German Army Group Don to relieve the trapped Sixth Army in Stalingrad, during World War II?
A: Operation Winter Storm


Q: ____ was the first member of the Dalit community to be elected to the Madras Legislative Council in India?
A: M. C. Rajah

Sunday Herald

Q: ____ was listed by the Sunday Herald newspaper as the 22nd greatest Scottish football manager of all time, even though he never won a major trophy?
A: Willie McCartney


Q: ____ received a number of complaints from English teachers because he appeared in a film with the grammatically incorrect title The Outlaws Is Coming?
A: Hal Fryar

University of Toronto

Q: ____ was a student, chairman, and principal at the University of Toronto before becoming its 22nd Chancellor in 1959?
A: François Charles Archile Jeanneret


Q: ____ were all British plans for military intervention in Zanzibar following the 1964 revolution?
A: Operations Parthenon, Boris, Finery, Shed and Plan Giralda

Zagreb County

Q: ____ is the most densely populated city in Zagreb County, Croatia?
A: Zaprešić


Q: ____ was the first library in Singapore to install self-check machines for borrowing and returning of books?
A: Choa Chu Kang Community Library

African American

Q: ____ was the first African American professional pocket billiards player to ever win a World or U.S. National billiard title?
A: Cisero Murphy

Norwegian Parliament

Q: ____ was the last member of the Norwegian Parliament to be elected from the Communist Party ticket?
A: Emil Løvlien


Q: ____ was foreman of the first grand jury in colonial America and played a key role in establishing the first written democratic town government at Windsor, Connecticut, in 1657?
A: William Phelps

Professors World Peace Academy

Q: ____ is presently President of the Professors World Peace Academy in the Republic of Benin?
A: Noel Dossou-Yovo

University of British Columbia

Q: ____ was the University of British Columbia's longest-serving chancellor?
A: Robert McKechnie

Front organization

Q: ____ was a fictitious front organization set up by France to help American revolutionaries fight England?
A: Roderigue Hortalez and Company

Michigan Wolverines men's basketball

Q: ____ is the first Michigan Wolverines men's basketball player to have at least 20 points and 20 rebounds in a single game since Phil Hubbard did so in the 1977 NCAA Tournament?
A: DeShawn Sims


Q: ____ was a Scottish gentlemen's club devoted to "the convivial celebration of male sexuality"?
A: The Beggar's Benison

Sutter family

Q: ____ became the eighth member of the Sutter family to play in the National Hockey League when he made his debut for the Calgary Flames on December 23, 2008?
A: Brett Sutter

United States

Q: ____ was described as the first woman to serve as head of a public university in the United States when she became president of the University of Texas at Austin in 1974?
A: Lorene Rogers

Member of the Order of the British Empire

Q: ____ was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire for breeding Birds of Paradise?
A: Fred Shaw Mayer


Q: ____ was Norway's first television correspondent stationed in an African country?
A: Halle Jørn Hanssen

Osmotic pressure

Q: ____ was awarded the Avogadro Medal in 1916 for his extensive report on osmotic pressure and semipermeable membranes ([[:|concept pictured]])?
A: Harmon Northrop Morse

Thomas Arne

Q: ____ was Thomas Arne's mentor and it is through his influence that Arne was able to pursue a music career?
A: Michael Christian Festing


Q: ____ was halved between 1978 and 1988 due to the economic decline of the nation during the 1980s?
A: Guyana's sugar production

Sri Lankan

Q: ____ was the second Sri Lankan journalist to be assassinated in 2004?
A: Balanadarajah Iyer

Thomas Arne

Q: ____ was Thomas Arne's mentor and it is through his influence that Arne was able to pursue a music career?
A: Michael Christian Festing


Q: ____ was halved between 1978 and 1988 due to the economic decline of the nation during the 1980s?
A: Guyana's sugar production

Sri Lankan

Q: ____ was the second Sri Lankan journalist to be assassinated in 2004?
A: Balanadarajah Iyer

Viceroy of India

Q: ____ was the acting Viceroy of India from June 1929 to April 1931?
A: George Goschen, 2nd Viscount Goschen

Royal residence of the Danish monarch

Q: ____ is a royal residence of the Danish monarch in France?
A: Château de Cayx


Q: ____ is a Zoroastrian purification ritual in which a "defiled" person is confined to a corner of the house called Armêsht-gah for a period of nine nights?
A: Barashnûm

Breydon Viaduct

Q: ____ was Engineer-in-Chief of the Breydon Viaduct?
A: Alexander Ross

Member of the Order of the British Empire

Q: ____ was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire for breeding Birds of Paradise?
A: Fred Shaw Mayer

1962 New York City newspaper strike

Q: ____ created The New York Standard, the largest alternative paper printed during the 114-day 1962 New York City newspaper strike, with a peak circulation over 400,000 in its 67 issues?
A: Leonard Andrews


Q: ____ became the first siblings in Norway to compete in different events at the same Olympic Games?
A: Hedda and Ingrid Berntsen

Victoria Cross for Australia

Q: ____ became the first recipient of the Victoria Cross for Australia, for his gallant actions under enemy fire in Afghanistan in September 2008?
A: Mark Donaldson


Q: ____ was the first mayor of Gaza, appointed in 1906?
A: Said al-Shawa

Native Americans

Q: ____ is credited with helping to negotiate a truce between federal officers and Native Americans during the Wounded Knee incident in 1973?
A: Harlington Wood Jr.

New York State Assembly

Q: ____ was elected to the New York State Assembly after being held as a Union prisoner of war during the American Civil War?
A: Francis Mallison

Photographic film

Q: ____ is a type of photographic film that can be developed simply by heating it?
A: Kalvar

Hillsboro, Oregon

Q: ____ was the first park in Hillsboro, Oregon, to include a recreational water fountain?
A: Magnolia Park

Supreme Court of India

Q: ____ was the first woman judge of the Supreme Court of India and also first of any highest judiciary of a nation in Asia?
A: Justice M. Fathima Beevi

Rice University

Q: ____ received his high school diploma while serving as Acting President of Rice University?
A: Frank Vandiver

Thermus aquaticus

Q: ____ discovered Thermus aquaticus, an extremophile living at greater than 70 °C in hot springs at Yellowstone which became the source of the enzyme used in PCR?
A: Thomas D. Brock

Kingdom of Mysore

Q: ____ was the first ruler in the Kingdom of Mysore to create symbols associated with Mysore royalty, such as the coins (Kanthiraya) that he named after himself?
A: Kanthirava Narasaraja I

Distinguished Service Cross

Q: ____ won the Distinguished Service Cross for actions in Germany during World War II and became the youngest American general to command a combat division in the Korean War?
A: Philip De Witt Ginder


Q: ____ resigned from his ACLU position after the group's head criticized Morgan for calling a New Yorker a bigot for his refusal to consider voting for Jimmy Carter as President?
A: Charles Morgan, Jr.


Q: ____ is one of only two historic agricultural parcels inside Seattle, Washington, city limits that retains an agricultural use today?
A: Marra Farm


Q: ____ was present at Nelson's death at Trafalgar, and was subsequently incorporated into Arthur William Devis's painting of the event?
A: George Miller Bligh

Leela Charitra

Q: ____ was the first to edit Leela Charitra, the first written biography in the Marathi language?
A: Bhausaheb Kolte


Q: ____ had been filmed in a commercial for the bank in Hawaii where he worked when he was asked to play the role of "Che Fong", an original cast member of the television series Hawaii Five-O?
A: Harry Endo

Dickin Medal

Q: ____ received the Dickin Medal on behalf of all search and rescue dogs who participated in rescue operations after the September 11 attacks?
A: Appollo

Council of Economic Advisers

Q: ____ was the head of the Council of Economic Advisers advising U.S. President Truman, yet never finished his own graduate dissertation in economics?
A: Leon Keyserling

Anthony McAuliffe

Q: ____ was the inspiration for General Anthony McAuliffe's one-word reply "Nuts!" in response to a German demand for surrender at the Siege of Bastogne?
A: Harry Kinnard


Q: ____ were members of Bradman's Invincibles who won the First, Second and Fourth Ashes series Test matches of 1948 and drew the Third?
A: Harvey, Barnes, Brown, Johnson, Loxton and Hassett

Asian Games

Q: ____ scored the only goal in the final of the first Asian Games football competition held at Delhi, India, in 1951?
A: Sahu Mewalal

Royal Commission

Q: ____ was a member of the Royal Commission set up by King Edward VII to decide the British representation at the 1904 St Louis World's Fair?
A: John Clarke Hawkshaw


Q: ____ is venerated as a saint in the Varkari sect of Hinduism, despite spending most of her life as a courtesan?
A: Kanhopatra


Q: ____ was used to light the streets of Modena, Italy, at the turn of the 17th century?
A: shale oil

Zero as a numerical figure

Q: ____ were the first material evidence of the figure zero as a numerical figure?
A: Khmer numerals

Psychiatric interviews

Q: ____ was imprisoned for conducting psychiatric interviews with Soviet dissidents confined to mental institutions and smuggling a paper about his findings to the Lancet?
A: Anatoly Koryagin

Governor of Madras Presidency

Q: ____ was the first Indian to act as the Governor of Madras Presidency in British India?
A: Mohammad Usman

Targets in Casablanca

Q: ____ was implicated in the bombing of targets in Casablanca, the American barracks in Riyadh, the 2004 Madrid train bombings and the 2005 London bombings?
A: Karim el-Mejjati

High Commissioner for the Western Pacific

Q: ____ was the last person in history to be appointed High Commissioner for the Western Pacific?
A: Sir Donald Luddington


Q: ____ was an All-American football center while enrolled at the University of Michigan medical school even though his schoolwork did not allow him to practice with the team?
A: Ernie Vick

Crown prince

Q: ____ was made a crown prince of the Tang Dynasty, but his mother, a consort, had to settle for a much lesser honour?
A: Li Ning


Q: ____ was the first person in Texas history to have his conviction posthumously overturned based on DNA evidence?
A: Tim Cole

British India

Q: ____ was regarded by officials in British India as "the most powerful friend of His Majesty's Government in Tibet"?
A: Tsarong Dzasa


Q: ____ were built up to 13 feet (4 m) longer than most other British railway carriages of the time?
A: coaches of the Great Western Railway


Q: ____ created a satirical techno remix, "Bale Out", utilizing a verbal rant actor Christian Bale made on the set of Terminator Salvation?
A: Lucian Piane


Q: ____ became the youngest cinematographer ever to have been nominated for an American Society of Cinematographers award for a debut film, for his work on The Rat Pack?
A: Shane Hurlbut


Q: ____ created Netscape's business plan and developed marketing campaigns for its web browser at a time when few had heard of the Internet?
A: Michael Homer

Fielding H. Yost

Q: ____ was quarterback of Fielding H. Yost's "Point-a-Minute" University of Michigan football teams in 1901–1902 that outscored opponents 1,211 to 12?
A: Boss Weeks

Turkish bathhouse

Q: ____ is the only remaining Turkish bathhouse in Gaza of the original five that continues to function?
A: Hamam al-Sammara


Q: ____ is a generic Korean term referring to court ladies who waited on the king and royalty during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties of Korea?
A: gungnyeo

Public service obligation

Q: ____ was the first airline to win a public service obligation in Norway?
A: Teddy Air


Q: ____ was the first Canadian company to be granted its own coat of arms by The Heraldic Authority?
A: Rideau

Albert Medal

Q: ____ was awarded the Albert Medal in 1918 for removing depth charges from a motor launch whilst the launch was ablaze?
A: Arthur Bagot


Q: ____ was an associate of Norwegian industrialist Sam Eyde, serving as CEO of Elkem from 1912 to 1950?
A: Conrad Wilhelm Eger


Q: ____ was the president of Alcan, a Canadian aluminum company, before becoming the 10th Chancellor of McGill University in 1957?
A: Ray Edwin Powell

Geilo Airport, Dagali

Q: ____ were the first airlines with scheduled services at Geilo Airport, Dagali located in Hol, Norway?
A: Coast Aero Center and Norving

Stephen Báthory of Poland

Q: ____ organized two unsuccessful rebellions against Stephen Báthory of Poland but later became Báthory's close advisor despite differences in their religions?
A: Gáspár Békés

Percolating filter

Q: ____ was responsible for the construction of the first large-scale percolating filter sewage treatment plant?
A: John Duncan Watson

Australian rules footballer

Q: ____ was a leading Australian rules footballer of the 1930s and '40s?
A: Keith Smith

Back Stage

Q: ____ established Back Stage in 1960, considered the "casting bible" for theater performers?
A: Ira Eaker and Allen Zwerdling


Q: ____ spent Rs. 4 lakhs on a propaganda campaign against consumption of liquor in the late 1920s?
A: S. Muthiah Mudaliar


Q: ____ became the youngest Sunderland footballer to have made a first team appearance when he was 15 years 185 days old?
A: Derek Forster

Public service obligation

Q: ____ won the first, and so far only, rail transport public service obligation tender in Norway in 2005?
A: NSB Gjøvikbanen


Q: ____ played for Buffalo in the National Football League on the weekends while attending medical school at the University of Michigan?
A: Angus Goetz

Pulitzer Prize for History

Q: ____ received the 1986 Pulitzer Prize for History for his book The Heavens and the Earth: A Political History of the Space Age?
A: Walter A. McDougall


Q: ____ had the first skatepark in a Hillsboro, Oregon, park when it opened in 2003?
A: Reedville Creek Park


Q: ____ was a Belgian journalist killed in Bucharest during the Romanian Revolution?
A: Danny Huwé


Q: ____ played collegiate basketball in the United States, is signed to play semi-professional netball in New Zealand, and has represented Jamaica internationally in both sports?
A: Althea Byfield


Q: ____ was elected president of the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1944 after the death of the president-elect, the second successive year this had happened?
A: Sir Roger Hetherington

Earl of Devon

Q: ____ was only Earl of Devon for three months before being killed by a mob?
A: Humphrey Stafford

War Cross with Sword

Q: ____ was awarded the War Cross with Sword for his actions in the Norwegian heavy water sabotage?
A: Jens-Anton Poulsson

"King and Country" debate

Q: ____ was the proposer of the notorious 1933 "King and Country" debate in the Oxford Union?
A: Kenelm Hubert Digby

Lifetime Achievement Award

Q: ____ received a Lifetime Achievement Award for choreography from the Joffrey Ballet?
A: Margo Sappington


Q: ____ was claimed both to be romantically involved with Hitler and involved in a plot to overthrow him?
A: Erna Hanfstaengl

Tobias Hume

Q: ____ published composer Tobias Hume's First Part of Ayres, which contains what may be the earliest examples of pizzicato and col legno?
A: John Windet


Q: ____ is the practice of hunting via remotely controlled firearms that can be aimed and shot using online webcams?
A: internet hunting

Party secretary

Q: ____ will retire as party secretary for the Norwegian Labour Party to run in the 2009 parliamentary elections?
A: Martin Kolberg

Norwegian Labour Party

Q: ____ was removed as editor of the Norwegian Labour Party organ Social-Demokraten in 1903, but continued as a prominent party member until 1921?
A: Anders Buen

Bishop of Hereford

Q: ____ was elected Bishop of Hereford in 1216 even though he was not on King John of England's list of candidates?
A: Hugh de Mapenor

Architectural firm

Q: ____ was an architectural firm in California that designed buildings in the so-called Googie architecture style popular during the 1950s?
A: Armet & Davis

The largest shopping mall in the Caribbean

Q: ____ is the President and CEO of Empresas Fonalledas, which owns the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean?
A: Jaime Fonalledas


Q: ____ is a restaurant and bar in San Diego, California, made famous after scenes in Top Gun were filmed there?
A: Kansas City Barbeque

Costa Rica

Q: ____ was elected to represent Costa Rica to the Constituent Congress of the Mexican Empire, but it was dissolved before he was able to participate?
A: José Francisco de Peralta

Norwegian Labour Party

Q: ____ was a founder of the Norwegian Labour Party and the newspaper Dagsavisen?
A: Christian Holtermann Knudsen

Albert Medal

Q: ____ was awarded the Albert Medal for his attempted rescue of a pilot trapped in a burning aircraft?
A: William McAloney


Q: ____ was Dragoman of the Sublime Porte before becoming Prince of Moldavia in 1795?
A: Alexandru Callimachi

Clackamas County, Oregon

Q: ____ was the first Democrat elected to represent Clackamas County, Oregon, in the Oregon House of Representatives in 20 years?
A: Monroe Sweetland


Q: ____ was the last Hibernian captain to win the Scottish Cup, in 1902?
A: Bobby Atherton


Q: ____ was an official title of the senior fifth rank, the highest attainable for gungnyeo, a lady-in-waiting during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea?
A: Sanggung


Q: ____ was the home of Sek Yi, who died aged 120 years, claiming the title of Cambodia’s oldest man?
A: Ponhea Kraek District

Ontario Hockey League

Q: ____ was taken first overall in the 2008 Ontario Hockey League Priority Selection?
A: John McFarland


Q: ____ played professional football, baseball and basketball and was the "workhorse" for the Green Bay Packers teams that won three consecutive NFL championships from 1929 to 1931?
A: Bo Molenda

Green Bay Packers

Q: ____ played professional football, baseball and basketball and was the "workhorse" for the Green Bay Packers teams that won three consecutive NFL championships from 1929 to 1931?
A: Bo Molenda

Ontario Hockey League

Q: ____ was taken first overall in the 2008 Ontario Hockey League Priority Selection?
A: John McFarland

History of literature

Q: ____ was appointed professor in the history of literature at the University of Kristiania in 1899, despite there being remarks about "the holes present in his knowledge"?
A: Gerhard Gran

Battle of the Philippines

Q: ____ was the first American naval officer killed during the Battle of the Philippines, and had a ship named in his honor?
A: Robert Tills

Scouts Canada

Q: ____ is a Scouts Canada camp which features the haunted home of Maurice Macdonald Seymour?
A: Camp Gilwell


Q: ____ was launched by Israel to capture Palestinian prisoners in Jericho to make sure they were not released?
A: Operation Bringing Home the Goods


Q: ____ established the Saskatchewan Medical Association and the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League?
A: Dr. Maurice Macdonald Seymour


Q: ____ was appointed the principal cellist of the New York Philharmonic in 1996?
A: Carter Brey

German submarine U-9

Q: ____ was sunk by German submarine U-9 in May 1940, after being ordered to sortie with significant damage, rendering it unable to dive?
A: French submarine Doris


Q: ____ is in doubt: as of 2005, an estimated 70 percent of older Americans read a newspaper daily, while fewer than 20 percent of younger Americans did?
A: the future of newspapers in the United States


Q: ____ was among the first academics to protest against the Holodomor?
A: Kyryl Studynsky


Q: ____ is the only civilian general hospital in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar?
A: St Bernard's Hospital

Rockland County

Q: ____ is the only remaining intact dam on the Rockland County stretch of the Ramapo River?
A: Sloat's Dam

South East Queensland

Q: ____ was the first independent Christian school opened in the Redlands Shire, South East Queensland?
A: Faith Lutheran College, Redlands

Camden County, New Jersey

Q: ____ was selected to run for the Camden County, New Jersey Board of Chosen Freeholders after appearing at a candidate recruitment interview complaining and waving his tax bill?
A: James Beach

Military Cross

Q: ____ won the Military Cross in the First World War for assaulting enemy positions and taking prisoners of war, despite being assigned to build field defences?
A: Henry Cronin

Det Norske Teatret

Q: ____ was co-founder of Det Norske Teatret in Oslo, which was established in 1912?
A: Hulda Garborg

A Time for Burning

Q: ____ was executive producer of A Time for Burning, a cinéma vérité documentary about efforts to bridge race relations among Lutherans in Omaha, Nebraska?
A: Robert E. A. Lee


Q: ____ began as a nativist religious movement led by Tecumseh's brother Tenskwatawa (pictured), a Shawnee witch hunter?
A: Tecumseh's Confederation

Distinguished Service Order

Q: ____ was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his "cool example and inspiring leadership" during a fierce battle in the 1982 Falklands War?
A: Hew Pike

Glacial Lake Passaic

Q: ____ was where Glacial Lake Passaic overflowed as the Wisconsin Glacier expanded in New Jersey?
A: Moggy Hollow Natural Area

Police captain

Q: ____ was a New York City police captain who led the defense of the NY Draft Office when it was attacked by angry firefighters and mobs during the 1863 New York Draft Riots?
A: Galen T. Porter


Q: ____ were two 11th-century Danish brothers who fought on opposite sides at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014?
A: Brodir and Ospak of Man

Differential calculus

Q: ____ is a technique used in differential calculus to differentiate complicated functions by taking the natural logarithm of both sides of the equation y = f(x)?
A: logarithmic differentiation

Everett, Massachusetts

Q: ____ won election as a 21-year-old to the Common Council of Everett, Massachusetts, in 1954 using a new MIT high-speed camera to create individualized fliers for each voter?
A: George Keverian


Q: ____ was best known for Falling Man, a series of works "about man at his most imperfect" depicting an armless human figure that appeared in sculptures, paintings, prints and wristwatches?
A: Ernest Trova


Q: ____ was the primary German airfield within the city during the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II?
A: Pitomnik Airfield

60 metre hurdles

Q: ____ won the 60 metre hurdles event at the 2009 European Indoor Championships ahead of Lucie Škrobáková?
A: Eline Berings


Q: ____ was responsible for the creation of the first encyclopedia in Tamil?
A: T. S. Avinashilingam Chettiar


Q: ____ scored 12 goals in one match, when Sunderland beat Castletown 23–0 in an exhibition football game?
A: James Allan

Dog sled

Q: ____ was the last surviving dog sled mail carrier in the United States when he died in 1995?
A: Charlie Biederman


Q: ____ were the opening act for the 2009 Kerrang! awards tour supporting Bring Me the Horizon, Black Tide, Dir en Grey and Mindless Self Indulgence?
A: In Case of Fire


Q: ____ was the American businessman who introduced women to cigarettes?
A: George Washington Hill


Q: ____ won five Olympic medals during his career, more than any other Olympic wrestler?
A: Wilfried Dietrich

George Medal

Q: ____ is the first person in 26 years to be awarded a second George Medal, the last one posthumously for "immense bravery" in Afghanistan?
A: Gary O'Donnell

Tigers Opening Day starting pitcher

Q: ____ was the Tigers Opening Day starting pitcher in 1928, despite being only 20 years old and having only won five Major League baseball games prior to the season?
A: Josh Billings


Q: ____ is a Japanese online community for artists, which as of February 2009 consists of over 600,000 members, and 3 million submissions?
A: Pixiv


Q: ____ was a key member of the Society for the Study of Poetic Language (OPOJAZ)?
A: Boris Eikhenbaum

Western Australia

Q: ____ is listed in Western Australia both as a ‘declared pest of agriculture’ and as ‘rare or likely to become extinct’?
A: Muir's Corella

Gamma-ray burst

Q: ____ was the first gamma-ray burst to have its redshift measured?
A: GRB 970508

Youth of the Progress Party

Q: ____ was the first leader of the Youth of the Progress Party in Norway, from 1978 to 1984?
A: Peter N. Myhre

Satellite radio

Q: ____ was a satellite radio company that used to broadcast gaiden-versions of Nintendo's most popular franchises?


Q: ____ is the art of carving human-shaped hill figures such as the Cerne Abbas giant (detail pictured)?
A: gigantotomy

Columbia University School of Social Work

Q: ____ spent 57 years on the faculty of the Columbia University School of Social Work, where he wrote multiple reports regarding child welfare in New York City for the Citizens' Committee for Children?
A: Alfred J. Kahn


Q: ____ was the widely admired conductor of young people's orchestra concerts across Canada?
A: Mario Duschenes


Q: ____ was the first Norwegian to set a world record in a track and field event?
A: Charles Hoff


Q: ____ is a Swedish candy stick invented in 1859 by a widow in Gränna?
A: Polkagris


Q: ____ is a Swedish candy stick invented in 1859 by a widow in Gränna?
A: Polkagris


Q: ____ established the publishing house Schibsted and the newspaper Aftenposten?
A: Christian Schibsted


Q: ____ was home to Cambodia’s ancient capital of Lovek?
A: Kampong Tralach District

Medieval deer park

Q: ____ was set up as a medieval deer park by the Bishop of Winchester?
A: Poundisford Park

Fantoft stave church

Q: ____ was behind the moving and reconstruction of Fantoft stave church?
A: Fredrik Georg Gade


Q: ____ was estimated to be 140 years old?
A: George the lobster


Q: ____ was a defender in the last impeachment case in Norway?
A: Gustav A. L. Heiberg


Q: ____ is claimed to be the first American airline to fly pets exclusively?
A: Pet Airways

Medal of Honor

Q: ____ was a Medal of Honor winner from the American Indian Wars and champion marksman from 1879 to 1892?
A: William Preble Hall

Fourteenth century

Q: ____ is the name prefixed to the fourteenth century Lodi period “Barakhamba Monument” in Nizamuddin complex and to “Barakhamba road" in Connaught Place in New Delhi?
A: Barakhamba

Ministry of Justice and the Police

Q: ____ was dismissed from the Ministry of Justice and the Police for listening to a Norwegian resistance radio broadcast in his office?
A: Carl Platou


Q: ____ was named All-State in high school as a senior despite breaking his collarbone?
A: Jermaine Mays


Q: ____ was an employee-owned book distributor that helped revolutionize independent publishing and bookselling?
A: Bookpeople

Soviet Union

Q: ____ was the first American composer to have a concert devoted entirely to her works presented in the Soviet Union?
A: Peggy Stuart Coolidge


Q: ____ is the only punter in Florida Gators football history to be named a semifinalist for the Ray Guy Award?
A: Eric Wilbur

Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries

Q: ____ was among the founders of the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries?
A: Fredrik Meltzer Wallem


Q: ____ were all single cap Wales rugby union players after the team (pictured) was humiliated by England in its first international match?
A: Richard Summers, Edward Peake, Godfrey Darbishire and Richard Williams

City of Edinburgh

Q: ____ was a Scottish goldsmith who represented the City of Edinburgh in Parliament eight times?
A: George Heriot

Native American

Q: ____ was the first Native American woman to be elected as a state district judge in the United States?
A: Carol Jean Vigil


Q: ____ was the first Norwegian member of the Académie Internationale d'Héraldique?
A: Jørgen Mathiesen

Agricultural school

Q: ____ established the first agricultural school in Scandinavia?
A: Jacob Liv Borch Sverdrup

Norwegian Genealogical Society

Q: ____ were among the founders of the Norwegian Genealogical Society?
A: S. H. Finne-Grønn and Sigurd Segelcke Meidell


Q: ____ is a fictional cartoon moose who hosts TV shows on Nickelodeon's educational spin-off Noggin?
A: Moose A. Moose

Norwegian Genealogical Society

Q: ____ was among the founders of both the Norwegian Genealogical Society and the Norwegian Heraldry Society?
A: C. S. Schilbred

Negotiations in Karlstad

Q: ____ was present at the negotiations in Karlstad between Norway and Sweden in 1905 as a military representative?
A: Karl Bull


Q: ____ was the first footballer to be transferred for £100 or more?
A: Willie Groves

Norwegian Society

Q: ____ is recognized as the 1772 founder of the Norwegian Society?
A: Ove Gjerløw Meyer


Q: ____ was the first person sentenced to death by hanging under a congressional act that made it a capital offense to kill a federal agent?
A: George W. Barrett

Nguyễn Lords

Q: ____ was the capital of the Nguyễn Lords, the Tây Sơn Dynasty and the Nguyễn Dynasty?
A: Phú Xuân


Q: ____ was the first religious leader in Africa to publicly announce that he was HIV positive?
A: Gideon Byamugisha


Q: ____ was called less adequate than a high school gymnasium by Maryland coach Bud Millikan?
A: Ritchie Coliseum

Padma Shri

Q: ____ received a Padma Shri award in 1972 for helping and treating injured soldiers in Safdarjang Hospital during the Bangladesh Liberation War?
A: Balu Sankaran


Q: ____ was the largest ghetto in the German-occupied territory of the Soviet Union?
A: Minsk Ghetto


Q: ____ is credited with founding meteorological research in Norway?
A: Henrik Mohn

South American

Q: ____ is the South American record holder in the women's triple jump event?
A: Keila Costa

Norwegian Minister of Defence

Q: ____ was the Norwegian Minister of Defence on two occasions, but for a total time of six months?
A: Thomas Heftye


Q: ____ became manager of St Albans City F.C. at the age of 29, three months after he retired as a player?
A: Ritchie Hanlon


Q: ____ is "an expert on kooks [who] has a genuine, if sometimes uncomfortable, affection for her subjects"?
A: Donna Kossy

Union Army

Q: ____ was the first Union Army officer to receive the Medal of Honor during the Civil War?
A: Charles Henry Tompkins


Q: ____ was an early Swedish cookbook author who also argued that middle class women should be entitled to an education in household matters?
A: Anna Maria Rückerschöld

Harpers Ferry Armory

Q: ____ was the superintendent of the Harpers Ferry Armory during John Brown's raid in 1859?
A: Alfred Madison Barbour

Grand Cross

Q: ____ was awarded the Grand Cross of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav in 1893 for his achievements in international arbitration?
A: Gregers Winther Wulfsberg Gram


Q: ____ was the president of three universities, but only Willamette still exists?
A: Thomas Van Scoy

Public transportation

Q: ____ were the main form of public transportation in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the turn of the 20th century?
A: Cincinnati streetcars


Q: ____ was founded in 1994 as the Estonian Blue Party?
A: Libertas Estonia

Lèse majesté

Q: ____ was indicted for lèse majesté for his 1884 pamphlet, where he called for citizens to take up arms if the King and Army interfered with parliamentary process?
A: Jon Hol

Dina Thanthi

Q: ____ was the founder of Dina Thanthi, a widely read Tamil newspaper?
A: S. P. Adithanar


Q: ____ was the student arm of Polish opposition movement Solidarity?
A: Independent Students Union


Q: ____ was a Scottish banking house which collapsed in 1772 precipitating the collapse of almost every private bank in Scotland?
A: Neal, James, Fordyce and Down

College football national championships

Q: ____ won three college football national championships and an NFL championship with the Detroit Lions before being elected as a judge, where he served for over 20 years?
A: Gus Cifelli


Q: ____ was a Polish resistance fighter who liberated the Gęsiówka concentration camp and a UN diplomat who promoted renewable energy in developing countries?
A: Wacław Micuta

Federal Bar Association

Q: ____ was the first woman ever to be elected as president of the Federal Bar Association?
A: Marguerite Rawalt

State Senator

Q: ____ was the first black woman to be elected as a State Senator?
A: Verda Welcome

League of Nations

Q: ____ was India's delegate to the first session of the League of Nations in 1919?
A: Muhammad Habibullah

World Champion in ski orienteering

Q: ____ was the first World Champion in ski orienteering?
A: Sinikka Kukkonen

Gary Cooper

Q: ____ was Gary Cooper's second Academy Award-winning role?
A: Will Kane


Q: ____ was a leader of Polish Jews, a Zionist activist, and a deputy to the Polish Sejm during the interwar period?
A: Apolinary Hartglas


Q: ____ was so devastated by spring time frost that the whole region only produced 11 cases of wine during the 1957 vintage?
A: Chablis

Crack cocaine

Q: ____ was addicted to crack cocaine as a player in the National Football League, but later became a substance abuse counselor?
A: Alvin Powell


Q: ____ was the first African-American television journalist?
A: Louis Lomax

Community college

Q: ____ was the first comprehensive community college in Southern Alabama?
A: Wallace Community College

Computer virus

Q: ____ was the first computer virus to spread rapidly by email?
A: Happy99


Q: ____ is a symbol of steadfastness and tranquility in religion, mythology and folklore around the world?
A: the turtle


Q: ____ is credited with inventing deep fried clams in 1916 at his clam shack that became Woodman's of Essex (sign pictured)?
A: Lawrence "Chubby" Woodman


Q: ____ is the American political scientist known for developing the concept of nonkilling?
A: Glenn D. Paige

Sickle cell trait

Q: ____ is found almost exclusively in individuals with sickle cell trait or sickle cell disease?
A: renal medullary carcinoma

Community college

Q: ____ is the largest community college in Colorado?
A: Front Range Community College

Christian groups

Q: ____ is frowned upon by many Christian groups?
A: Lust Control

Lunar ecliptic

Q: ____ was featured in a lunar ecliptic children's fairy tale which has been criticised by internet trolls?
A: Phil Lynott


Q: ____ is made of 1970s electric folk musicians?
A: Hedgehog Pie


Q: ____ was arrested for the possession of toenail clippings (example pictured)?
A: Adam de Stratton

Massachusetts Senate

Q: ____ won a seat in the Massachusetts Senate after her opponent was accused of stuffing her bra?
A: Sonia Chang-Díaz


Q: ____ is still singing from his grave 47 years after his death?
A: Sparkie Williams


Q: ____ is the only known survivor of the atomic bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II?
A: Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Leo Tolstoy

Q: ____ was lauded by Leo Tolstoy for her play "Báb"?
A: Isabella Grinevskaya


Q: ____ was the first postmaster of the first post office in Washington County, Oregon?
A: Alvin T. Smith


Q: ____ was the first American woman to acquire a steamboat master's license?
A: Mary Millicent Miller


Q: ____ is used as a substitute for pork bacon at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe locations in the Middle East?
A: turkey bacon

Wet nurse

Q: ____ was selected as wet nurse for William, Duke of Gloucester by his father because of her breasts, which were "gigantic"?
A: Mrs. Pack

Accounting Hall of Fame

Q: ____ was the first living non-American to be inducted into the Accounting Hall of Fame?
A: Sir Henry Benson


Q: ____ won the 2009 NCAA Men's Tennis singles national championship as a freshman and is the only University of Mississippi tennis player to win the championship?
A: Devin Britton

Royal Navy

Q: ____ were originally termed surgeons in the Royal Navy and were paid £5 for every 100 cases of venereal disease they treated?
A: ship's doctors

Folke Bernadotte

Q: ____ organized the September 1948 assassination of Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, who had been sent by the U.N. Security Council as its mediator following the 1948 Arab–Israeli War?
A: Yehoshua Zettler


Q: ____ is a type of music from Lesotho, named after the action of female dancers exposing their naked rear?
A: famo

Silver medal

Q: ____ won the silver medal in the 9th Paris International Dance Competition?
A: Georgette Sanchez


Q: ____ was an architect responsible for the 19th-century black-and-white revival in Chester, Cheshire?
A: John Douglas

Track athlete

Q: ____ is the only track athlete to have run 100 meters in under ten seconds at Olympic Trials and not make the Olympic team?
A: Coby Miller


Q: ____ was the last person to die in an attempt to escape across the Berlin Wall?
A: Winfried Freudenberg


Q: ____ is a Russian song based on a translation from English, but the English source was claimed to be translated from Russian?
A: Evening Bell

Clifton's Golden Rule

Q: ____ was once known as Clifton's Golden Rule because patrons were obliged to pay only what they felt was fair?
A: Clifton's Cafeteria


Q: ____ was built in the Rape of Chichester in the 11th century?
A: Chichester Castle


Q: ____ won two national championships as a powerlifter while serving on the Washington Supreme Court?
A: Faith Ireland


Q: ____ had to be sent back to Britain for repairs in 1804, partly because she was infested with termites?
A: HMS Centurion


Q: ____ was completely restored from dereliction to working order by amateur volunteers?
A: Thelnetham Windmill


Q: ____ was Norway's first full-time theatre critic?
A: Sigurd Bødtker

Fly fishing

Q: ____ is a two-handed fly fishing technique that was developed on the River Spey in Scotland?
A: Spey casting


Q: ____ was an Austrian aristocratic night fighter flying ace who fought for the German Luftwaffe in World War II?
A: Egmont Prinz zur Lippe-Weissenfeld


Q: ____ is known as the "Switzerland of the Americas" from its adoption of Swiss-based banking laws?
A: Uruguay


Q: ____ was called the "mother of the African-American romance" for her 1980 novel, considered the first to feature African American characters by an African American author?
A: Elsie B. Washington

German immigrants

Q: ____ was nearly assassinated after establishing a settlement of German immigrants in northern Alabama?
A: John G. Cullmann


Q: ____ is the last European known to have been executed for lesbianism?
A: Catherina Margaretha Linck

Radio presenter

Q: ____ was a popular radio presenter for children during the early days of Norwegian broadcasting?
A: Carl Bødtker

Reinforced concrete

Q: ____ was the first builder to use iron reinforced concrete?
A: François Coignet

Solar powered

Q: ____ was the first in the UK to have solar powered on-street ticket machines?
A: Greater Manchester bus route 192

Haitian Vodou

Q: ____ was a Haitian Vodou priest who was classified as a surrealist painter by the surrealist theorist André Breton?
A: Hector Hyppolite

Army dogs

Q: ____ supplied army dogs with 1,256,976,708 dog biscuits during World War I?
A: Spratt's

Chief of staff

Q: ____ was the second chief of staff of the Bundeswehr and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross during World War II?
A: Friedrich Foertsch

Chicago Colts

Q: ____ was the Chicago Colts' Opening Day starting pitcher in 1896, despite only having pitched five previous Major League Baseball games?
A: Danny Friend


Q: ____ spent about ten days acquainting himself with a cow to prepare for scenes in the film Le Grand Chef, likening the experience to working with a sensitive actress?
A: Kim Kang-woo


Q: ____ was included in the 19th-century Chianti recipe to add fruitiness and soften the tannins of Sangiovese, much like Merlot's role in Bordeaux wine blends?
A: Canaiolo

Gamma-ray burst

Q: ____ was the first short-duration gamma-ray burst for which an optical afterglow was detected?
A: GRB 050709


Q: ____ published an account of his life as a sufferer of a condition in which his spine curved forward to the extent that his chin rested on his chest?
A: Leonard Trask

Iowa Hawkeyes

Q: ____ was the first Iowa Hawkeyes football player to be named an All-American?
A: Lester Belding


Q: ____ was used to dispose of Manchester's night soil, and was a Starfish site in World War II?
A: Carrington Moss


Q: ____ was in 1939 the last place of Poland to surrender to the invading Wehrmacht, and during World War II it was used as a Kriegsmarine base?
A: Hel Fortified Area


Q: ____ was the first recorded female miniaturist in the American colonies?
A: Mary Roberts


Q: ____ was the first year that companies started to pay award monies for publicity?
A: in NASCAR, 1952


Q: ____ had a father, a grandfather and a son, all with the same name?
A: Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford

Shot put

Q: ____ was the first woman to throw a shot put more than 19 meters in the Summer Olympic Games?
A: Margitta Gummel-Helmboldt


Q: ____ was a Muslim Tatar who co-founded the Polish Socialist Party and probably saved the life of the future leader of Poland, Józef Piłsudski, by planning his escape from a mental hospital?
A: Aleksander Sulkiewicz

Civil engineer

Q: ____ was a civil engineer on routes for the Pacific Railroad Surveys and a wagon road used by the Butterfield Overland Mail in the years before the American Civil War?
A: Nathaniel Henry Hutton


Q: ____ is the master franchisee of Marrybrown fast food chain for Southern India?
A: MGM Group of Companies

Real-life superhero

Q: ____ is a real-life superhero who wears a cape and mask while fighting crime in Cincinnati, Ohio?
A: Shadow Hare

American Society of Military Comptrollers

Q: ____ was serving as Executive Director of the American Society of Military Comptrollers when President Barack Obama appointed him Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)?
A: Robert F. Hale


Q: ____ is a machining process used to rough out gears prior to final machining operations, like hobbing or shaping?
A: gashing

Governor of Svalbard

Q: ____ was Norway's first permanent Governor of Svalbard?
A: Johannes Gerckens Bassøe


Q: ____ was the youngest cathedral organist in Britain when he became organist of St Edmundsbury Cathedral at age 24?
A: Harrison Oxley


Q: ____ became the first African-American journalist to accompany a U.S. president while traveling?
A: Alice Allison Dunnigan

Chief of police

Q: ____ was the first female chief of police in Norway as well as the first female Governor of Svalbard?
A: Ann-Kristin Olsen

Supreme Court of India

Q: ____ was the first Justice of the Supreme Court of India to face impeachment proceedings in independent India?
A: V. Ramaswami


Q: ____ was the first woman to receive a Ph.D. at the University of Heidelberg?
A: Ida Henrietta Hyde

English Civil War

Q: ____ was largely destroyed during the English Civil War and rebuilt 200 years later?
A: Cothelstone Manor

Superintendent of the United States Military Academy

Q: ____ was Superintendent of the United States Military Academy from 1910 to 1912?
A: Thomas Henry Barry

Gordon Bennett Cup in ballooning

Q: ____ was denied the 1925 Gordon Bennett Cup in ballooning for landing his balloon not on land, but on the deck of a ship?
A: Ward Van Orman

Appomattox Court House

Q: ____ played a critical role in developing the village of Appomattox Court House, where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant?
A: Samuel D. McDearmon


Q: ____ is the only remaining water-powered measure mill in the United States after some 150 years of operations?
A: Frye's Measure Mill


Q: ____ was called "the mother and mistress of outdoor ritual mayhem" for its legendary football game day tailgating by The New York Times?
A: The Grove at Ole Miss

Plastic flamingo

Q: ____ created over 750 plastic animals, but is most famous for the plastic flamingo?
A: Don Featherstone


Q: ____ was started in Oslo by actors and students, including Jens Bolling, Liv Strømsted and Arne Thomas Olsen, who had secretly studied Stanislavski's theatre theories during World War II?
A: Studioteatret

American Civil Liberties Union

Q: ____ was expected to become head of the family bank, but instead served as executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union?
A: Patrick Murphy Malin


Q: ____ was a pioneer photographer of the northern Rockies who betrayed the plans for the Federal defense of Alexandria, Virginia, to the Confederacy early in the American Civil War?
A: James D. Hutton


Q: ____ was a Polish cavalry commander in the Napoleonic period, a general, a Baron of the French Empire, and was decorated with the Légion d'honneur?
A: Jan Konopka


Q: ____ was CEO of one of the shortest-lived public companies on record?
A: Julie Wainwright


Q: ____ was "the most renowned early supporter" of the artistic indigenist movement of Peru?
A: José Sabogal


Q: ____ was a diplomat and bibliographer specializing in Latin American works whose younger brother William Rich was a botanist with the United States Exploring Expedition of 1838–42?
A: Obadiah Rich

Woodridge, New York

Q: ____ was founded when the members of the existing synagogue in Woodridge, New York, had a dispute over who would be the community's ritual slaughterer of animals?
A: Ohave Shalom Synagogue

American football

Q: ____ won a professional American football championship in 1901 and was later nominated by U.S. President William Howard Taft as a federal judge in Alaska?
A: Pete Overfield

Type Ia supernova

Q: ____ was classified as a type Ia supernova, but does not have some features that define a type Ia supernova?
A: SN 2002cx


Q: ____ were an English jazz/progressive rock band with more than 50 members?
A: Centipede


Q: ____ was the first spy caught with the aid of an electronic transmitter?
A: Frank Bossard

Wilsonville, Oregon

Q: ____ is both the oldest and largest park in Wilsonville, Oregon, and includes a barn built in 1901 (pictured)?
A: Wilsonville Memorial Park


Q: ____ was a wildcatter who was credited with discovering more than 50 oil and gas fields, though he twice declared bankruptcy?
A: Michel T. Halbouty

Battle honours

Q: ____ won five battle honours during the Second World War, despite a career lasting less than a year from commissioning to being sunk?
A: HMS Lively

Mountain bike orienteering

Q: ____ won gold medals in all the first five World Championships in mountain bike orienteering?
A: Mika Tervala

Flying University

Q: ____ was a lecturer at the Flying University in Warsaw?
A: Jan Władysław Dawid

Wallowa Mountains

Q: ____ is the highest point in the Wallowa Mountains and the sixth highest peak in Oregon?
A: Sacajawea Peak


Q: ____ was 172 years old when demolition of its premises began in June 2009?
A: Chennai Central Prison


Q: ____ is a theory used to estimate single-ion activity coefficients in electrolyte solutions at relatively high concentrations?
A: Specific ion Interaction Theory


Q: ____ is a process of "internal adaptation whereby two mammals become attuned to each other's inner states"?
A: limbic resonance


Q: ____ played football with Knute Rockne and once struck out 19 batters in a baseball game?
A: Freeman Fitzgerald


Q: ____ is the common name for the first Neanderthal discovered in the Netherlands?
A: Krijn


Q: ____ is a post-modern skyscraper noted for its use of a pre-cast concrete finish to mimic the appearance of limestone?
A: 461 Fifth Avenue


Q: ____ were rare because "the vernacular appeared simply and totally inadequate" for such a prestigious work?
A: Bible translations in the Middle Ages


Q: ____ created the Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed, which reached its peak of popularity in the 1960s, earning US$2 million in gross revenue each month, 25 cents at a time?
A: John Houghtaling

African American

Q: ____ was the first African American majority owner of a major league sports team?
A: Rommie Loudd

Norwegian Folk Music Research Association

Q: ____ was a founder and first president of the Norwegian Folk Music Research Association?
A: Ole Mørk Sandvik

Delhi Durbar

Q: ____ was the site of the 1911 Delhi Durbar that marked the shifting of the capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi?
A: Coronation Park

Gilbert and Sullivan

Q: ____ played three roles in Gilbert and Sullivan operas for Richard D'Oyly Carte, but left his company in 1878 never to return?
A: Pauline Rita

Comedy films

Q: ____ is the first United States company to produce comedy films to play on mobile phones worldwide?
A: Fun Little Movies


Q: ____ spent a year out of football before being recommended to their current CFL teams?
A: Damian Sims and Fred Reid

News anchor

Q: ____ was a locally well-known television news anchor who quit to become a mayoral executive assistant and later ran for mayor of the city of Shreveport, Louisiana?
A: Liz Swaine

It's a Business

Q: ____ played a song publisher in the sitcom It's a Business and actually co-wrote the song "That's All"?
A: Bob Haymes

Cloud type

Q: ____ is the first new proposed cloud type in over 50 years?
A: Undulus asperatus


Q: ____ was the first person to be executed by guillotine (pictured)?
A: Nicolas Jacques Pelletier

Rhode Island

Q: ____ is the largest of Rhode Island's nine salt ponds?
A: Ninigret Pond

Member of Parliament

Q: ____ became a Member of Parliament to gain contacts to help him in his career as a barrister?
A: John Verney

Polish Underground State

Q: ____ was the Polish Underground State's anti-communist propaganda department?
A: Operation Antyk

Member of the Order of the British Empire

Q: ____ was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his work in the Australian outback?
A: Tom Kruse

World Boxing Association

Q: ____ became a top contender in the World Boxing Association's light heavyweight division while serving time at Rahway State Prison?
A: James Scott


Q: ____ is an international event in which participants (example pictured) simultaneously emulate the zombie dance from the music video of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"?
A: Thrill the World


Q: ____ was prompted to become a barrister by the death of his wife?
A: Sir William Fortescue


Q: ____ played an important role behind the Norwegian cultural scene, as a program editor of the radio magazine Søndagsposten for more than twenty years?
A: Otto Nielsen


Q: ____ was little used at night when it first opened, because of its owners' policy of only turning the lighting on if Queen Victoria was spending the night in London?
A: Chelsea Bridge

Distinguished Flying Cross

Q: ____ was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for sorties against the Chinese in the Korean War?
A: George Chesworth

Master of the Rolls

Q: ____ was only offered the position of Master of the Rolls after William Murray turned it down?
A: Sir Thomas Clarke

William Henry Weeks

Q: ____ was designed by William Henry Weeks, a prominent architect, and was his 14th and last major work in Woodland, California?
A: Hotel Woodland


Q: ____ were regarded as the second-most cloned piece of software after WordStar?
A: video games with isometric graphics

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Q: ____ is the winningest men's basketball coach in Fairleigh Dickinson University history and led the team to its first NCAA Tournament berth in 1985, losing 59–55 to top-seeded Michigan?
A: Tom Green


Q: ____ was originally planned as a school's private chapel, but served as a public church for nearly 150 years before the school took it over?
A: St Mark's Church, Brighton

Christopher Columbus

Q: ____ was the mistress of Christopher Columbus (pictured)?
A: Beatriz Enriquez de Arana

Royal Navy

Q: ____ were carried on practically all types of warships of the Royal Navy during the age of sail, from ships of the line down to brigs?
A: jolly boats

African American

Q: ____ is the first African American female rabbi?
A: Alysa Stanton


Q: ____ began with the development of lenses by the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians (dispersive prism pictured)?
A: optics


Q: ____ was coached by ex-Purdue defensive back Ken Coudret in high school, before going on to play at Purdue himself?
A: Stanford Keglar

New York Times

Q: ____ was featured in the New York Times in 1896 as a "dish for sultry weather"?
A: angels on horseback


Q: ____ is included in a handbook for first-year teachers as a day for activities including cooking bacon, making BLTs, and discussing where pork chops come from?
A: National Pig Day

Fish Tank

Q: ____ was cast in the film Fish Tank, after a casting agent spotted her having an argument with her boyfriend at Tilbury Town railway station?
A: Katie Jarvis

Tool steel

Q: ____ was the first tool steel and later led to the discovery of high speed steel?
A: Mushet steel

Medal of Honor

Q: ____ is only the second person to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions during the War in Afghanistan?
A: Jared C. Monti


Q: ____ was a political hostess who introduced the dahlia to the United Kingdom in 1804?
A: Elizabeth Fox, Baroness Holland


Q: ____ is the oldest synagogue in Bridgeport, and the third oldest in the U.S. state of Connecticut?
A: Congregation B'nai Israel

Los Angeles

Q: ____ is a Los Angeles–based chain of grocery stores that offers delivery service of groceries, deli food, cigarettes, and alcohol?
A: Pink Dot


Q: ____ was the first school in Mississippi to offer high school diplomas to African-American students?
A: Meridian Baptist Seminary


Q: ____ was known as "Mr. Microwave" for his research on microwaves in food that led to the development of the microwave oven?
A: Robert V. Decareau


Q: ____ is Iceland's largest candy manufacturer and now owns English chocolate company Elizabeth Shaw?
A: Nói Síríus

National Medal of Science

Q: ____ was awarded the National Medal of Science for discovering the coenzyme of vitamin B12, which Barker had isolated from mud taken from San Francisco Bay?
A: Horace Barker

Bossier Parish

Q: ____ is not only the first woman state legislator from Bossier Parish in Louisiana, but she is the first woman to have been a high-school principal and school superintendent there as well?
A: Jane H. Smith

Paved road

Q: ____ is the second-highest paved road in the state of Utah at 10,626 feet (3,239 m) above sea level?
A: Utah's Patchwork Parkway


Q: ____ were two 90-inch (2.3 m) tall steam locomotives specially designed to fit under a bridge at Par that was only 96 inches (2.4 m) high?
A: Judy and Alfred


Q: ____ was the first cricketer to be timed out in a first-class match after poor weather delayed him in reaching the ground to start his innings?
A: Andrew Jordaan

Studio 54

Q: ____ had four tons of glitter dumped on the floor of Studio 54 for a 1970s New Year's Eve party, which owner Ian Schrager described as like "standing on stardust"?
A: Robert Isabell


Q: ____ was an Argentine businessman, academic and diplomat who served as Minister of Foreign Relations between 1991 and 1999?
A: Guido di Tella

Cluny Abbey

Q: ____ was a dependency of Cluny Abbey from its foundation around 1100 until 1407?
A: Montacute Priory

Santa Fe Railroad

Q: ____ was built by owner Juan Delgadillo using mostly scrap lumber from the nearby Santa Fe Railroad yard?
A: Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In

Special Envoy of the United States Secretary of State for Eurasian Energy

Q: ____ is the Special Envoy of the United States Secretary of State for Eurasian Energy?
A: Richard Morningstar


Q: ____ was among the leaders of the naval intelligence organization RMO in Norway during World War II?
A: Martin Siem

Louisiana state senator

Q: ____ was a Louisiana state senator from 1928 to 1932 and later president of the Louisiana Bankers Association?
A: V.V. Whittington


Q: ____ was the first assassin to use a gun?
A: James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh


Q: ____ was the first physiotherapist of the Scotland national rugby union team?
A: John Brown

Oldest synagogue

Q: ____ is the oldest synagogue built by Ashkenazi Jews in the English speaking world?
A: Plymouth Synagogue


Q: ____ won an Emmy in 2006 for producing and directing the Vietnam War documentary "Two Days in October" for the PBS television program American Experience?
A: Robert Kenner

Peace conference

Q: ____ was host and chief mediator at the peace conference ending the Northern Seven Years' War?
A: Johann Friedrich, Duke of Pomerania


Q: ____ is a district of Seoul consisting of galleries and antique shops, known for "culture of the past and the present"?
A: Insadong


Q: ____ is credited as the "father of pinyin", the official romanization in the People's Republic of China?
A: Zhou Youguang

Pacific hurricane season

Q: ____ is the least active Pacific hurricane season since 1949?
A: the 1977 Pacific hurricane season

New York

Q: ____ was appointed Lt. Governor of New York on July 8, 2009, in a move that New York's attorney general claimed was unconstitutional?
A: Richard Ravitch

Electronic filter

Q: ____ is an electronic filter parameter of significance for removing muscle activity noise in electrocardiograph machines?
A: roll-off


Q: ____ is a weaving term for the temporary separation in warp threads so the shuttle with the weft can go through?
A: shed


Q: ____ was made a "national health priority" by the government in 2008, officially elevating awareness to the same level as other health risks like cancer, heart disease and diabetes?
A: obesity in Australia

Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav

Q: ____ was the only person from Germany decorated with the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav for her activities during World War II?
A: Hiltgunt Zassenhaus

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Q: ____ was inspected by engineers working on problems faced by the Trans-Alaska Pipeline?
A: Davidson Ditch

Armored cruiser

Q: ____ was the last armored cruiser built by the German Imperial Navy?
A: SMS Blücher

Pickup truck

Q: ____ was honored by the Colorado Broadcasters Association for giving away an "ugly" pickup truck?


Q: ____ was the first hired film screenwriter, and the first to start a Sunday paper comics supplement in color?
A: Roy McCardell

Horse and buggy

Q: ____ was the first female horse and buggy driver in New York City's Central Park?
A: Maggie Cogan

Legal aid

Q: ____ was described as the "midwife to civil legal aid"?
A: Sir Albert Napier

PMPC Star Awards

Q: ____ was awarded best male newscaster in the 2008 PMPC Star Awards for TV?
A: Julius Babao


Q: ____ was an English physician and botanist, a member of the Lunar Society of Birmingham, and an early adopter of the heart drug digitalis (pictured)?
A: Jonathan Stokes

Cellular frequency

Q: ____ began business by buying, selling and trading licenses for cellular frequency allocations after an AT&T article that suggested they were being sold at a discount?
A: McCaw Cellular


Q: ____ received a promise from baseball player Babe Ruth while suffering from a life-threatening illness that he would hit a home run for him during the 1926 World Series?
A: Johnny Sylvester

1919 educational experiment

Q: ____ was the subject of a 1919 educational experiment?
A: Winnetka School District 36


Q: ____ was known for the book Snorri the Seal, banned during the German occupation of Norway for being a subtle satire on Nazi Germany?
A: Frithjof Sælen


Q: ____ is a combined windmill and watermill, and that each mill could drive the other's machinery?
A: Union Mills, Burnham Overy

Hereditary disorder

Q: ____ is a hereditary disorder characterized by the absence of toenails?
A: Cooks syndrome

Clallam County

Q: ____ was given to Clallam County in 1955, only to be given back to the state in 1991?
A: Washington State Route 113

Bourgeois pseudoscience

Q: ____ was repressed as a bourgeois pseudoscience during the early communist era?
A: the study of sociology in China

Dutch authorities

Q: ____ was expelled by Dutch authorities while conducting research in Indonesia for his dissertation on the country's struggle for independence?
A: George McTurnan Kahin

Chicago Tonight

Q: ____ created the award-winning news program Chicago Tonight and was awarded 10 honorary doctorates, despite being a college dropout who hitchhiked to Chicago with 71 cents in his pocket?
A: John Callaway

Southampton St Mary's

Q: ____ scored twice in Southampton St Mary's biggest competitive victory, a 14–0 FA Cup win against Newbury Town on 13 October 1894 that still remains a record win for Southampton?
A: Fred Hollands


Q: ____ organized an African-American civil rights sit-in at the Alexandria, Virginia, public library as early as 1939?
A: Samuel Wilbert Tucker

2004 version

Q: ____ hosted the 2004 version of Melodifestivalen, an annual music competition and the most watched television program in Sweden?
A: Ola Lindholm

Sverre Munck

Q: ____ resigned as editor-in-chief of Morgenposten shortly after Sverre Munck bought the newspaper?
A: Per Voksø

Highlands of Scotland

Q: ____ was an ancient deserted settlement in the Highlands of Scotland, but is now a super-quarry which exports 6,000,000 tons of granite every year?
A: Glensanda


Q: ____ rejected a chance to play international football for Barbados to help Crawley Town in their relegation match against Dorchester Town, saying it was the "bigger game"?
A: Gus Hurdle


Q: ____ won two gold medals at the 2009 World's Masters Championships because he was the only competitor in the 100+ age bracket for discus and shot put?
A: Alfred Proksch

United States Department of Defense

Q: ____ wanted the United States Department of Defense to hire 10,000 people to perform Transcendental Meditation continuously in order to improve society?
A: David Orme-Johnson


Q: ____ became the world's first female telephone operator when she started working for the Boston Telephone Despatch company in 1878?
A: Emma Nutt


Q: ____ once called Zambian president Levy Mwanawasa a "cabbage" and accused him of rigging his election, yet still went on to serve as his Minister of Commerce?
A: Dipak Patel

Medal of Honor

Q: ____ received the Medal of Honor for rescuing his crewmates from their sinking ship during the American Civil War?
A: Thomas E. Corcoran

State Conciliator of Norway

Q: ____ is the first female State Conciliator of Norway?
A: Kari Gjesteby

Jamaican patties

Q: ____ is a chain of 120 restaurants serving Jamaican patties, jerk chicken and curried goat?
A: Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill

Casimir III the Great

Q: ____ bore no sons to her husband, Casimir III the Great, which spelled the end of the Piast Dynasty in the Kingdom of Poland?
A: Jadwiga of Żagań

Slaughter House Gang

Q: ____ was a member of the Slaughter House Gang who was known for being the official "bloodsucker" at prize fights in New York?
A: George "Snatchem" Leese

University of Cambridge

Q: ____ spent 45 years at the University of Cambridge?
A: John Edward Marr


Q: ____ was a brigade-sized British commando force named after their commander Robert Laycock?
A: Layforce

Fort Nisqually

Q: ____ was the location of the original Fort Nisqually trading post established in 1833 by the Hudson's Bay Company?
A: Sequalitchew Creek

Boston Marathon

Q: ____ was the first woman to run the entire Boston Marathon?
A: Bobbi Gibb


Q: ____ donated Chequers, a country house in Buckinghamshire, for use as the official country residence of the British Prime Minister?
A: Sir Arthur Lee

Germán Bernácer Prize

Q: ____ won the Germán Bernácer Prize for his work in financial economics on bubbles and crashes?
A: Markus Brunnermeier

Selvarasa Pathmanathan

Q: ____ opposed the nomination of Selvarasa Pathmanathan to lead the Tamil Tigers?
A: Perinpanayagam Sivaparan

Landed gentry

Q: ____ was born into the English landed gentry but moved to New York as an actor in 1901 and later became one of Broadway's greatest musical theatre directors and lighting designers?
A: Hassard Short


Q: ____ is held to commemorate the anniversary of the assassination of Benigno Aquino, Jr., husband of former Philippine President Corazon Aquino (pictured)?
A: Ninoy Aquino Day

British commando

Q: ____ was the first British commando unit raised during the Second World War?
A: No. 3 Commando

British Commando

Q: ____ was the first British Commando?
A: John Durnford-Slater

Campbell Case

Q: ____ approved the prosecution of the Campbell Case which was instrumental in the fall of the first Labour government?
A: Sir Patrick Hastings


Q: ____ became the first ever male presenter of Xposé upon winning the reality television show Total Xposure?
A: Sean Munsanje

On-campus housing

Q: ____ is one of only a few community colleges to offer on-campus housing?
A: Shawnee Community College


Q: ____ is one of only two Bharatanatyam experts in Pakistan?
A: Indu Mitha


Q: ____ broke ground for its present campus on the very same day it received accreditation on March 27, 1969?
A: Rend Lake College


Q: ____ was founded as a cooperation club in Larvik, Norway, but repeatedly failed to include the club Larvik Turn in the merger?
A: Larvik Fotball

Supreme Court of California

Q: ____ was both the youngest Justice and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California, having been appointed at ages 25 and 27, respectively?
A: Hugh Murray

Krystyna Skarbek

Q: ____ unknowingly met Krystyna Skarbek, whose biography she would write two decades later, days before Skarbek's murder in 1952?
A: Madeleine Masson

Secaucus, New Jersey

Q: ____ lost his Secaucus, New Jersey Town Council seat to reform candidate Dennis Elwell, with both later resigning from political office following corruption charges?
A: Anthony Impreveduto

Electroshock therapy

Q: ____ was imprisoned and subject to electroshock therapy in the People's Republic of China for being a Falun Gong practitioner?
A: Jennifer Zeng

Test pilot

Q: ____ was a test pilot for Hawker Siddeley during the Second World War, and was the grandfather of British TV presenter Kate Humble?
A: Bill Humble


Q: ____ was considered a world authority on windmills, watermills, animal engines and other forms of industrial archaeology?
A: Ken Major


Q: ____ was the second mayor of Dallas, and the Lieutenant Governor of Texas from 1861 to 1863?
A: John McClannahan Crockett


Q: ____ lost a leg in World War I but served as a general in the Luftwaffe of both the World War II Wehrmacht and the West German Bundeswehr?
A: Joachim-Friedrich Huth

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Q: ____ is investigating whether the debris floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be collected and recycled?
A: Project Kaisei


Q: ____ was involved in the drafting of the ERA, challenged the appointment of Justice Hugo Black, and ran against Nixon for Senate?
A: Albert Levitt

First World War

Q: ____ was responsible for 4,400 of the 40,000 official British photographs made during the First World War? (example pictured)
A: Ernest Brooks

William Wallace

Q: ____ was the home of William Wallace's uncle, and it was here that he set off on the day that ended in the burning of the Barns of Ayr as an act of revenge?
A: Crosbie Castle and the Fullarton estate


Q: ____ entertained two hundred people on a train as part of the twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations of the DART?
A: The Chapters

Textile engineering

Q: ____ established the first textile engineering school in the Southern United States in 1899 while president of the Georgia Institute of Technology?
A: Lyman Hall


Q: ____ is the Supreme God according to Balinese Hinduism?
A: Acintya


Q: ____ became a leading Jamaican trade unionist after she took a job as a secretary for her future husband, Sir Alexander Bustamante?
A: Gladys Bustamante


Q: ____ played for a national championship team at Michigan and coached Nebraska to two championships?
A: William "King" Cole


Q: ____ is an enzyme that breaks down stress hormones and decreases blood pressure?
A: renalase


Q: ____ was a center for prostitution for soldiers at Fort Laramie?
A: Three-Mile Hog Ranch


Q: ____ is often associated with failure of a major brain structure to develop?
A: Lujan-Fryns syndrome


Q: ____ is credited with giving the nickname "Rose City" to Portland, Oregon?
A: Frederick Van Voorhies Holman

Hammer throw

Q: ____ won the U.S. national collegiate hammer throw championship in 1926 and was rated by Fielding Yost as the best football lineman of 1925?
A: Harry Hawkins

Winter Olympics

Q: ____ was the first Australian to win an individual medal at the Winter Olympics?
A: Zali Steggall

Lieutenant Governor of Texas

Q: ____ was the first Lieutenant Governor of Texas?
A: Albert Clinton Horton

Black Jewish

Q: ____ was the first Black Jewish lawyer in India?
A: Abraham Barak Salem


Q: ____ was interpreted differently throughout Europe by contemporaries and remains a "lightning rod" of historical interpretations?
A: Pope Pius XII's 1942 Christmas address

Srebrenica genocide

Q: ____ is a survivor of the Srebrenica genocide who is suing the Dutch state for its failure to protect his family from being killed by Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995?
A: Hasan Nuhanović

Muslim Brotherhood

Q: ____ was chief judge of the court that sentenced seven Muslim Brotherhood leaders to death for participating in an assassination attempt on Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser?
A: Gamal Salem

Medal of Honor

Q: ____ was awarded the Medal of Honor in World War I for running through no man's land to rescue wounded men?
A: Jesse N. Funk

Canon law

Q: ____ was the first canon law writer to write his works in English?
A: Henry Swinburne


Q: ____ is accused of leading a jihadist terrorist cell in North Carolina?
A: Daniel Boyd


Q: ____ resigned his position as vice president of Egypt because Nasser adopted a more Soviet Union-style system for Egypt rather than closer United States relations?
A: Abdel Latif Boghdadi

Online forums

Q: ____ is a pattern of behavior where people feign illnesses in online forums to gain attention and sympathy?
A: Münchausen by Internet

Panch Kedar

Q: ____ is the only temple in the Panch Kedar circuit, a group of five sacred Shiva temples in the Garhwal Himalayas, accessible throughout the year?
A: Kalpeshwar


Q: ____ is the only estate in Burgundy to make wine exclusively from grand cru vineyards?
A: Bonneau du Martray

Class action

Q: ____ was the lead plaintiff in a class action suit in which a jury awarded a U.S. record punitive damage verdict of $145 billion against the tobacco industry?
A: Howard Engle

Peterborough Petes

Q: ____ was the Peterborough Petes's leading scorer during the 2008–09 Ontario Hockey League season?
A: Tony Romano

Oregon State Treasurer

Q: ____ was elected as the Oregon State Treasurer four times and served in the office longer than anyone else in Oregon history?
A: Thomas B. Kay


Q: ____ is a researcher, author and historian who analysed present-day conservation conflicts in India and found their roots in India's colonial past?
A: Mahesh Rangarajan

Cooperative agreement

Q: ____ is a cooperative agreement between the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs?

Category 5

Q: ____ was the first Category 5 equivalent super typhoon on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale during 2009?
A: Typhoon Choi-wan


Q: ____ is a ferrous case hardening process that causes little shape distortion because of its low temperature (below 650 °C)?
A: ferritic nitrocarburizing

7 dan

Q: ____ is ranked as a 7 dan in the board game Go?
A: Yilun Yang

Louisiana Senate

Q: ____ was elected to the Louisiana Senate at the age of 73?
A: B.G. Dyess


Q: ____ was a Boston newspaperman and United States Army Major who wrote the first dictionary of the Apache language and an account of their culture in 1869?
A: John C. Cremony

Pakistani commando

Q: ____ was an elite Pakistani commando before he was killed by a U.S. drone in 2009?
A: Ilyas Kashmiri

Austin, Texas

Q: ____ was a pioneer of the Austin, Texas, punk rock scene, authored a series of mystery novels, and wrote a history of the Texas Turnpike Authority?
A: Jesse Sublett

Hong Kong

Q: ____ was recently sentenced to seven years in prison for his role in Hong Kong's biggest insider trading case?
A: Du Jun

Japan Academy Prize

Q: ____ won the 1995 Rookie of the Year Award at both the 19th Annual Japan Academy Prize ceremonies and at the 38th Blue Ribbon Awards for her debut acting role in the 1995 film Maborosi?
A: Makiko Esumi

Grape variety

Q: ____ is the only grape variety besides Chenin blanc permitted in the Loire Valley wine of Vouvray?
A: Arbois


Q: ____ was the only captain who fought at Copenhagen in 1801 to receive an honorary reward specifically for his actions during the battle?
A: John Lawford

Division I

Q: ____ was a Division I head coach for football and basketball at two different institutions?
A: Mike Milligan

Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs

Q: ____ was Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs for only 56 days, due to his cabinet withdrawing shortly after he was supplemented into it?
A: Lars Peder Brekk

Charter school

Q: ____ was the first charter school in Hillsboro, Oregon, when it opened in 2004?
A: City View

Norwegian Parliament

Q: ____ was elected to the Norwegian Parliament at the age of 25?
A: Jon Olav Alstad


Q: ____ were the first Turkish soccer team entitled to participate in the UEFA Women's Champions League?
A: Trabzonspor


Q: ____ was the first person from Hawaii to receive the Medal of Honor?
A: Herbert K. Pililaau

Gene regulatory networks

Q: ____ discovered two gene regulatory networks that regulate the exit of cells from mitosis to the G1 phase?
A: Angelika Amon

Flying Tigers

Q: ____ was credited with shooting down nine-and-a-half Japanese planes and was himself shot down twice while serving with the Flying Tigers in Burma and China?
A: Maj. Gen. Charles Bond


Q: ____ is famous for the "Tecolutla Monster" that washed up on shore in 1969?
A: Tecolutla, Veracruz


Q: ____ is the deepest cave in Southern England?
A: Charterhouse Cave


Q: ____ was elected Orienteer of the year 2007 by Norwegian sports journalists?
A: Anders Nordberg


Q: ____ scored Burnley's first-ever competitive hat-trick?
A: Claude Lambie


Q: ____ is an Australian literary genre which features gritty depictions of urban and suburban life revolving around a nihilistic pursuit of sex, drugs and alcohol?
A: Grunge Lit

Agent provocateur

Q: ____ was a counterfeiter, swindler, charlatan, sham plotter, and agent provocateur, who was convicted by Isaac Newton, sent to Newgate Prison, and hanged on the gallows at Tyburn?
A: William Chaloner

Supernova 2008ha

Q: ____ was 14 years old when she discovered supernova 2008ha?
A: Caroline Moore


Q: ____ is the sole unit in the Luftwaffe still operating the F-4 Phantom II fighter?
A: Fighter Wing 71


Q: ____ played the character "Moishe Ventilator" more than 1,000 times?
A: Yaakov Bodo


Q: ____ had to perform an appendectomy on himself because he was the only doctor stationed at the Soviet Antarctic research station Novolazarevskaya?
A: Leonid Rogozov

Manchester United

Q: ____ scored a goal for Manchester United against Clapton Orient in 1925, despite only completing a transfer from Orient to United an hour before kick-off?
A: Albert Pape

American Pediatric Society

Q: ____ became the first female member of the American Pediatric Society in 1930?
A: Martha Wollstein

Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company

Q: ____ was Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company and Governor of the Bank of England?
A: Sir John Henry Pelly


Q: ____ was offered a soccer scholarship in the United States after studying sports development at Lincoln College?
A: Samuel Clucas

Modelling clay

Q: ____ is modelling clay that can be eaten as well as played with?
A: Yummy Dough


Q: ____ was the editor of Haaretz for over 50 years?
A: Gershom Schocken


Q: ____ spent fifteen years making hundreds of maps of Dutch cities, but his work was only rediscovered 299 years after he began?
A: Jacob van Deventer


Q: ____ was the last joint American-Australian battalion-sized operation in Vietnam?
A: Battle of Long Khanh

German Emperor William I

Q: ____ became the youngest soldier in the world when assigned to the 15th Mecklenburg Dragoons by German Emperor William I shortly after his birth?
A: Duke Paul Frederick of Mecklenburg


Q: ____ was an American artist whose "idealized, strongly homoerotic" depictions of men appeared in physique magazines?
A: George Quaintance


Q: ____ is an award-winning Mauritanian film director who dubbed the voice of Donkey in the French language version of Shrek?
A: Med Hondo


Q: ____ was the first to define the point as a unit of measurement in typography?
A: Francesco Torniello

Albert Medal

Q: ____ received the Albert Medal for removing depth charges from a ship while it was on fire?
A: Robin Hoare

United States

Q: ____ is one of only two dental officers ever to receive the United States' highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor?
A: Alexander Gordon Lyle

Edmonton Mercurys

Q: ____ played for the Edmonton Mercurys, an ice hockey team sponsored by a local car dealership, that won the gold medal at the 1952 Winter Olympics?
A: Al Purvis


Q: ____ is the site of a large Italianate villa, built by Henry Goodridge as his own house?
A: Bathwick Hill, Bath

Particle accelerator

Q: ____ is a sculpture made out of a 1 million volt (low energy) particle accelerator?
A: Terrestrial Physics


Q: ____ is a novel antibiotic against MRSA and other resistant bacterial strains and is under clinical trial as a treatment for infectious diseases such as community-acquired pneumonia?
A: ceftaroline

Drainage basin

Q: ____ is designated primarily to protect the drainage basin of Parakrama Samudra (pictured)?
A: Angammedilla National Park


Q: ____ built in 1505 AD?
A: Fort Anjediva (pictured) built on Anjadip Island, under the jurisdiction of Goa, India, formerly under Portuguese rule, is in the vicinity of the Church of Our Lady of Springs

Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970

Q: ____ was a leading critic of the Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970, arguing that it led to newspaper monopolies and the demise of smaller papers in cities in the United States?
A: Stephen Barnett


Q: ____ were widely assumed to be an American funk band until their identities were revealed to be British session musicians including Mike Vernon and Pete Wingfield?
A: the Olympic Runners


Q: ____ is the first Ghanaian to qualify for the Winter Olympics?
A: Kwame "The Snow Leopard" Nkrumah-Acheampong

Costume designer

Q: ____ was the costume designer for Die Hard with a Vengeance and Bicentennial Man?
A: Joseph G. Aulisi

University College London

Q: ____ was the third member of his family to become a legal professor at University College London, after his father and grandfather?
A: Sir Maurice Amos

Village Colleges

Q: ____ was the second of the Village Colleges established by Henry Morris in his vision for a better education for country people in Cambridgeshire?
A: Bottisham Village College

Special election

Q: ____ lost a special election for the Louisiana State Senate in 2005, despite having led the first round of balloting?
A: Diane Winston

Neue Freie Presse

Q: ____ managed to get the Neue Freie Presse to print a letter in which he complained about the use of fireproof coal and oval wheels by the Federal Railway of Austria?
A: Arthur Schütz


Q: ____ is the only state highway in New Jersey where neither of its termini is another roadway?
A: New Jersey Route 324

Lyrical language

Q: ____ is a lyrical language created by French drummer and composer Christian Vander for his progressive rock band Magma?
A: Kobaïan


Q: ____ was the first English miniaturist to paint on ivory instead of vellum?
A: Bernard Lens III


Q: ____ was a mythological Aztec fire-serpent, viewed as the spirit form of Xiuhtecuhtli, the fire god, and was the lightning-like weapon of the god Huitzilopochtli?
A: Xiuhcoatl

Western Union

Q: ____ was a messenger for Western Union, a telephone operator, a hardware business owner and a city councilman before he was elected mayor of Oakland, California in 1905?
A: Frank Kanning Mott

Siege of Malta

Q: ____ was the only English knight present at the siege of Malta and is the only person to be buried in the crypt of Valetta Cathedral who was not a Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller?
A: Sir Oliver Starkey


Q: ____ was a Moroccan ambassador to the court of Charles II in England in 1681–82?
A: Mohammed bin Hadou

Spider toxin

Q: ____ is a spider toxin from the venom of the South American tarantula Psalmopoeus cambridgei (pictured)?
A: psalmotoxin

Los Angeles

Q: ____ is the publisher and Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles-based La Opinión, the largest Spanish language newspaper in the United States?
A: Monica C. Lozano


Q: ____ was a two-time state champion hurdler at Western Branch High School before he enrolled at Penn State to play football?
A: Kevin Newsome

Lodi, New Jersey

Q: ____ spent 38 years in the prison system for the murder of two Lodi, New Jersey, police officers, making him the longest-serving prisoner in the state as of his parole in 2002?
A: Thomas Trantino

Chemical reaction

Q: ____ discovered in 1890 a chemical reaction which is still used to study the effect of solvent on reaction rate?
A: Nikolai Menshutkin


Q: ____ was the only English cricketer involved in the 1924 Test Trial match not to go on to represent England at Test cricket?
A: Dar Lyon

Colony of Maryland

Q: ____ was appointed the first royal governor of the colony of Maryland after a Protestant rebellion, but died after only a year in office?
A: Lionel Copley


Q: ____ hosted recitals by Liberace and Risë Stevens and served as the home of Patrick Swayze's character in Donnie Darko?
A: Leonie Pray House


Q: ____ is the only monastery of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism in Ladakh?
A: Takthok Monastery

Gilbert and Sullivan

Q: ____ created the role of Ralph Rackstraw in Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore in 1878?
A: Sir George Power, 7th Baronet of Kilfane

Cloud forest

Q: ____ is an important and isolated cloud forest, however its small size and isolation is jeopardizing its long term survival?
A: Hakgala Strict Nature Reserve


Q: ____ is a Russian art collective whose provocative works have included public group sex and staged hangings?
A: Voina

George Washington

Q: ____ published articles on the history of the toothbrush, George Washington's dentures, and one entitled "Did You Know A Dentist Embalmed President Lincoln?"?
A: John Hyson

Rebecca Riots

Q: ____ was transported to Australia for his part in the Rebecca Riots, an uprising that saw the mob leaders cross-dressing as women?
A: David Davies

Governor of American Samoa

Q: ____ was the first Governor of American Samoa styled as such, the previous ones holding the title "Governor of Tutuila"?
A: William Michael Crose

Tropical cyclone

Q: ____ was the first tropical cyclone on record to make landfall in Mexican state of Campeche?
A: Hurricane Brenda


Q: ____ spent ten years creating an artwork that shows the people who disappeared during the dictatorships in Uruguay?
A: Antonio Frasconi

Atlantic tropical cyclone

Q: ____ was the easternmost forming Atlantic tropical cyclone on record?
A: Tropical Storm Christine

Richard Wagner

Q: ____ created two roles in Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen opera cycle?
A: Luise Jaide

Richard Wagner

Q: ____ created the role of Brangäne in Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, the first of two Wagner characters she premiered?
A: Anna Deinet

Naval Governor of American Samoa

Q: ____ was appointed Naval Governor of American Samoa after he had retired from active duty?
A: John Martin Poyer

USS Michigan

Q: ____ was removed from command of the USS Michigan for allowing the sailors under his command to organize advising committees?
A: Clark Daniel Stearns

Pulitzer Prize

Q: ____ won a 1953 Pulitzer Prize for anti-KKK reporting, "waged on their own doorstep at the risk of economic loss and personal danger" that led to the conviction of over 100 Klansmen?
A: W. Horace Carter


Q: ____ is a crude non-Maya sculptural style distributed along the Pacific slope of southern Mesoamerica and dating to the Preclassic Period?
A: potbelly sculpture


Q: ____ was an English surgeon who in 1867 was expelled from the Obstetrical Society of London for performing clitoridectomies without his patients' consent?
A: Isaac Baker Brown


Q: ____ is one of three areas in Greece that hosts populations of bears?
A: Pindus National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Q: ____ was lost for 37 days while exploring what would become Yellowstone National Park?
A: Truman C. Everts


Q: ____ is a collection of 52 Persian stories narrated through a parrot to prevent his owner (pictured) from committing adultery while her husband was away?
A: Tutinama

Chemical reaction

Q: ____ is not actually a disease, but a chemical reaction that attacks shells in storage or on display?
A: Byne's disease

John Lennon

Q: ____ was John Lennon's inspiration for the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"?
A: Lucy Vodden

Elvis Presley

Q: ____ was the designated song screener for Elvis Presley?
A: Freddy Bienstock

Red and white

Q: ____ is celebrated every 10 September by releasing 30,000 red and white balloons (pictured) which represent the people of Gibraltar?
A: Gibraltar's National Day

Ottoman Empire

Q: ____ was the first French ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in 1534, and that he negotiated in 1536 a Franco-Ottoman treaty of alliance?
A: Jean de La Forêt

Fuel tanks

Q: ____ is used to protect the fuel tanks of military aircraft such as the A-10 Thunderbolt II?
A: reticulated foam


Q: ____ became an opera singer because a cracked vertebra sustained as a high school football defensive tackle derailed his plans for a sports career?
A: Gary Lakes

Joseph Haydn

Q: ____ was the first conductor to record the complete symphonies of Joseph Haydn?
A: Ernst Märzendorfer


Q: ____ was the first non-Jewish member of an Israeli government?
A: Abd el-Aziz el-Zoubi

Military coup

Q: ____ was the codename for the 1977 military coup that overthrew the regime of Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto?
A: Operation Fair Play

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