Thursday, May 20, 2010

Icons from Wikimedia Commons

The file icon for Bittorrent, incorporating a basic paper file icon and the Bittorrent logo
I'm often lacking for exactly the right Icon for Web work, and then I remember Wikimedia Commons. For a number of open-licensed UIs I've used the Wikimedia images to help create a look that implies I spent an awful lot of time and energy. These icons vary in quality because they were uploaded from different sources, but you can get some of the best icons available from this site (along with, of course, the best freely licensed photographs and other media). Commons is a gem, and if you don't use it, you're probably missing out.

A power-down/exit icon from the Crystal Clear set from KDE
The Crystal Icons from KDE were uploaded as PNG, but the original SVG icons can be acquired from their original site. These are very clean and plastic-feeling icons for everything from the power button you see on the left to various arrows to hands to gears. Because they were uploaded in fairly high resolution, using the PNG versions isn't all bad, but you'll still get a better final result if you work from the SVG.

The Gaim (now Pidgin) icon with a stylized image of a man, loosely based on AOL's logo for AOL Instant Messenger
There are also many icons for specific applications. You can use these when writing reviews or otherwise mentioning the applications in quesiton. Many of the application icons come from the Crystal set as above, but some are directly lifted from open source projects, such as the Gaim (now pidgin) icon you see to the left.

Other icons include arrows, globes, hands and many other cateogries. You can browse all of the categories from Wikimedia's "icons by subject" page.

To use these icons, I recommend always selecting SVG format images and then using Inkscape . Load an SVG icon up in Inkscape and select File, Export Bitmap... to save it as a PNG file, setting the height and width to exactly what you want. For now, PNG is the way Web browsers deal with icons the best, though in the future, SVG will be taking over that role as older browsers fade away.

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