Monday, September 23, 2013

Low Carb Apple Pie Ala Mode!

By Aaron Sherman

So, I've been reading quite a lot about religion and philosophy recently, which has affected my blog posts. Just by way of switching gears and cleansing the palate, I'd like to talk about food. Tonight I wanted some desert, but I'm trying (once again!) to get back to my low-carb diet which I abandon every time there's a round of going out to dinner.

Tonight, I wanted some desert, and found that we had an apple pie flavored protein bar in the kitchen that was left over from a Quest Bar variety pack that Jeff and I have been working through. First off, let me say that Quest Bars are absolutely freaking fantastic! Jeff and I have been having quite a few of them, and at 5-7 carbs per bar, depending on flavor, these things are pretty damned tasty!

Anyway, I could have just cut it in half and shared it with Jeff, but instead, I decided to get a little silly. Sorry, I ate it before thinking to take a picture.

The base "cake" is the half-bar itself. On top of that, I put a teaspoon of plain Greek yogurt (Jeff gets the good stuff at a nearby market) and then on top, I put a dark chocolate covered raisin (one of those bags that claims to be all sorts of exotic fruits covered with chocolate, but if you read the fine print, it's either raisins or blueberries with just a few of whatever mixed in).

The whole thing was very yummy, if a bit sticky. Sweet, a tad salty, and a little sour from the yogurt. Very nice!

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