Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures of Flowers On the Way In To Work

Muscari latifolium or related species of blue flower
I've been wandering around taking some macro (that is: extreme closeup in photographerese) shots of flowers and other signs of spring on my way into work. This lovely blue flower for example is in a windowbox outside of a local pub in Cambridge. I think that these are from the Muscari genus, possibly Muscari latifolium. I really love its intense color and clustering, especially with the yellow out-of-focus flowers behind it for color contrast.

pink flowers on a tree by the side of the road in spring
From Nature
This one, on the other hand is just down the street from my house. The goal, here, was to try to capture a car driving by in the background with the flowers on this tree in the foreground. I think it worked out pretty well given the difficulty of timing it just right. This particular street, Prospect St in Somerville is just loaded with gorgeous flowering trees in the spring. It's really worth walking through the neighborhood if you love near Inman or Union Squares.

a yellow flower grows through a fence
From Nature
And then there's this gem. I spotted this poor, lonely flower growing behind a fence and it made me feel kind of sad for it. It looks like it's in jail. Anyway, I'll have to re-shoot this one if I get the chance, since it's the fence that I ended up focusing on, and really, I wanted the central part of the flower with the stamens to be in focus.

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