Monday, November 2, 2009

Blackra1n, Cydia and SBSettings

I've just re-jailbroken my iPhone (mostly to fix a problem introduced by upgrading to 3.1 without first uninstalling the jailbreak - never do that), and I ran into an SBSettings problem. It installs fine, but once it's done installing, it doesn't do anything. I swipe across the top of the screen and nothing happens.

If you just used blackra1n to jailbreak, and SBSettings won't work for you, here's what you do (props to this forum for the fix):
  • Re-install Cydia from the blackra1n interface
  • Re-install dpkg (this may show up as "Debian Package Manager" or similar) from Cydia
  • Re-install SBSettings from Cydia
  • Re-boot the phone
This worked for me, and got my SBSettings install working flawlessly.


  1. Hey. I tried installin sbsettings aft jailbreakin my 3gs phone ytd. Aft e installation is complete, there is a tap that asked me to reboot device. I tapped on tat and my phone immediately went to recovery mode. I gt no choice but to restore to factory settings. Any idea wats wrong?

  2. Ya u have a tethered jailbreak you have to rerun blackra1n every time ur phone dies :(

  3. what if your ipod is tethered like mine?