Sunday, November 8, 2009

Droid Replaces My iPhone

Friday, I went out and got a Droid to replace my iPhone (which I've handed down to someone else). My first impression is that its very nice, but for every iPhone annoyance that the Droid fixes, there's a new one to replace it.

Here are a few:
  • Keyboard is far too prone to multiple keypress
  • Camera is slow, and prone to blurry images
  • The iPhone had a sleep function (timed shutoff) that Droid lacks
  • Music management is horrible
  • Apple's smart playlists are clearly a killer feature
  • Recovery from a dropped wifi connection is not as graceful
  • No popup SMS/messaging notifications (brief scroll on top bar instead)
  • Google Voice / built-in messaging can be confusing (which one am I selecting?)
On the other hand, it has:
  • An open app store
  • Free turn-by-turn navigation with a fairly cheap car-mount
  • A keyboard at all (narrowly a win over none... narrowly)
  • Great email/SMS integration if you use gmail and Google Voice
  • Search by voice for nearly everything
  • "Back" button works across apps
Some things that I think would improve the experience:
  • Add a countdown timer that kills the browser and music player when it goes off
  • Make the music player automatically create playlists from directories on the SD
  • Add smart playlists (see my other post)
  • Build in some software guards against multiple keypress
  • Improve guessing with respect to poking at links on the Web browser (I often get the wrong link)
Overall, it's a great phone, but in some respects, it leaves me longing for my iPhone. I'm sure that over time it will become my favorite phone, but it's not a clear iPhone killer.


  1. What kind of iPhone did you give up Aaron? I know I'd miss my 3GS a lot more than my 1st-gen iPhone (and I suspect quite a bit more than a 3G, if I had one).

  2. I got a 3G just before the 3Gs came out.