Friday, May 15, 2009

Dollhouse Likely To Be Renewed

After the amazing season finale of Dollhouse, I was pleased to hear, today, that it's likely to be renewed. For those who haven't seen Dollhouse, here's the scoop: imagine if a company found a way to wipe out a person's personality and "upload" a new one. What would it be used for? At first, like all new technologies, it would be used to satisfy our baser interests. "Dolls" as they are called are given slave-like personalities and sent into various sorts of "gratification" roles with rich clients.

But soon, anyone with this technology is going to realize that they have the keys to the kingdom. Don't like someone? Wipe their minds and have them run around singing your praises for the rest of their lives. Want to live forever? Have your memories and personality put into another body (willing or not). It's scary stuff, and our heroes (a doll named Echo (Dushku) and an FBI agent named Ballard (Penikett) who's out to save her) are caught up in the machinations.

Season one started out rocky. Episodes 1-5 probably aren't worth watching if you're a new viewer, but 6-12 are knock-outs. If you go to iTunes, Hulu or Amazon to pre-order the DVD, I recommend seeing episodes 6-12 first and then going back to see 1-5 if you feel you need to complete the season. Episode 13 may or may not air. It's not the season finale (that's #12), but rather an epilogue that hints at what will happen in the future and might even give some clues as to a possible spinoff series.

Update: Dollhouse was officially renewed, and will remain on Friday nights.

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