Monday, March 30, 2009

Google Maps - Planning the Perfect Evening

Recently, I wanted to suggest a route for a pub crawl to someone who was organizing a bachelor party. Google maps seemed like it might be the right tool, so I tried it out. Turns out there's a whole collaborative mapping interface I hadn't even realized was there.

I started by searching for a pub. Then I saved that location ("save to my maps") and did another search and so on until I had saved all of the pubs I was interested in to a map of their own. I then clicked on that map name in the side-bar and found that there's a drawing tool, so I was able to draw a line connecting the pubs.

The final result is saved in a map that's publicly viewable as "Cambridge Pubs near Central Sq". You can visit it, but only people that I invite as collaborators can edit it.

It seems as if, every day, I find new reasons to be impressed with Google's services.

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