Friday, May 1, 2009

Movie Titles: One Letter Off

In a recent podcast, Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo (who I've blogged about before) explored the idea of a word game where you take a movie title, remove one letter and the come up with a description for that movie. The results were often quite humorous, so I thought I'd come up with some of my own.
  • Ulp Fiction - Dangerous moments in storytelling.
  • The Ark Knight - The Knights Templar discover the lost remains of Noah's Ark... hilarity ensues.
  • The Empire Trikes Back - A Star Wars sequel that takes place after a galactic ponzi scheme leads to financial ruin.
  • Ear Window - One ENT specialist's first-person account of the medical industry.
  • The Usual Suspect - What this sequel lacks in suspense it makes up for in unusually drawn out story-telling.
  • Psych - The murders never really happened. It was just a hotel-keeper's mother's bad dream.
  • The Sience of the Lambs - What herders lack in spelling capabilities, they make up for in controlled studies of livestock
  • It's a Wonderful Lie - After deciding to end it all, a local man comes up with perfect suicide note that blames his woes on everyone he's ever interacted with.
  • Seen - Does dropping a number count? Well, if it does, this thriller will treat you to every tired surprise ending cliche you've seen in every other movie.
  • Lord of the Rings: The Two Toers - While short and possessed of deformed feet, a race called Halflings manage to save the day.
  • WALL* - Werry Animated, Lifelike and Likable. Sure to make a ton at the box office!
  • Forest Ump - If you build it in the middle of the woods, they won't come.
  • A Clockwork Range - Mircowave repair is at the heart of this feel-good film!
  • China Tow - One man's story of the attempt to get an impounded car back in Hong Kong.
  • Terminato - Twister and Terminator franchises combine in this sequel to watch!
  • Requiem Or a Dream - Though depressing, it's hard to figure out if the events of this film actually happened.
  • Das Bot - Web site crawling bots center in this story of military intrigue in World War III
  • Aging Bull - Otherwise known as Rocky IX
  • Modern Ties - The lonely neckware vendor in love
  • Meropolis - Little mermaid is grown up and trying to run the public works department in her family's kingdom.
  • 2001: A Pace Odyssey - The film that takes on the question: could it have been any slower?
  • Full Meal Jacket - I don't care what it's about, but I think I don't want to watch it!
  • Mr. Sith Goes to Washington - Star Wars prequel that takes place on Earth. Jedi and Sith battle for your vote!
  • Raveheart - The sequel to Go!
  • Hotel Wanda - A kindly couple run a hotel and nothing unfortunate happens. A sadly overlooked film.
Well, that's all I have time for. Have a good night!

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