Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick thoughts on MSFT vs. APPL

I won't be the first person to point out that Apple has announced their best March quarter ever while Microsoft nearly simultaneously announced their first drop in profits for 23 years. It's the "I'm a PC," moment that Microsoft PR is going to be hard-pressed to spin positively. I blame Microsoft's end-user products which have been kicked in the teeth. Does anyone have a Zune? Yeah, XBox is growing, but Wii and PS3 still own the market in the U.S. and overseas, XBox is barely a competitor.

Update: A friend pointed out in the comments that I'm all wrong about the PS3! I mis-read my source info. In fact the XBox outsells the PS3 in the U.S. (the opposite being true in Japan, and I don't have numbers for other countries).

Interesting times...


  1. PS3 owns nothing but a bucket to collect all of the tears as it weeps "why, why won't anyone buy me?".

    seriously, though, the ps3's numbers continue to be abysmal, at least in the US...haven't seen overseas numbers for it lately.

  2. Thanks for the correction, David. Updated article.