Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Himalountain of the Undercity

It took far too long, but I finally got the "of the Undercity" title for my Paladin. Why was this important to me? Well, the pragmatic reason is that gathering reputation and tokens from the Argent Tournament will be valuable when the 3.2 patch lands and Blizzard expands the Argent Tournament tasks and rewards. But the real reason for this effort was the purely roleplaying-oriented joy of having a screenshot of my paladin on top of a skeletal warhorse with the "of the Undercity" title hovering over his head... it's just a delicious irony that I couldn't avoid.

Anyway, here's the screenshot. I'll probably be backing off a bit on the Tournament for a while, and focus on PvP when I'm on. The arena has been calling to be lately, and I'm working on switching my gear over to dps from healing (my teammates just love me, I'm sure ;)

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