Sunday, July 5, 2009

Boston 2009 4th of July Fireworks From the Office

Boston 4th of July 2009 fireworks over the Charles River

Boston 4th of July 2009 fireworks over the Charles River

I work in Kendall Square, and there's a really wonderful view from my office's kitchen area. Last night we watched the fireworks from there, and it's just the perfect view. There were some odd moments, though. For example, we noticed at one point that the Sheraton Hotel in Boston had some kind of light display going on. There were three rows of pulsating lights along the building, and they all pulsed in unison... it became a bit disturbing when we realized that that was actually the room televisions, all tuned to the simulcast of the fireworks, and therefore all changing brightness in unison.

The other bit that I found strange was watching so many people get worked up about Neil Diamond. Now, I was never a big fan of his, but even still I can see why he had a fan base 30+ years ago. What boggles my mind is how that translates to what I saw last night. Oh well, he clearly enjoyed himself, and while I always thought America was a little too blunt, the songs he sang were good ones.

My gallery of fireworks photos from last night is fairly small. I used my PowerShot S1000, and while it's capable of excellent night photos, getting it to focus correctly is a battle of wits, and I may have lost. Anyway, enjoy what I have, and I'll try to get a better setup next year (hopefully, I'll have the T1i by then).

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