Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Diablo Swing Orchestra

I've been listening to a lot of free music recently. Most of it comes from Amazon's free deals (mostly indie label samplers) or from reviews that I read on Free Albums Galore. Today, Free Albums Galore covered Diablo Swing Orchestra, and I was intrigued by phrases like "insane combination of heavy metal, swing jazz, [and] traditional European music." Typically, I enjoy good music of any sort, and I'm always hopeful (and usually disappointed) when I see that someone's tackling a unique fusion of genres. So I hopped over to Jamendo to download The Butcher's Ballroom, and am listening to it now... all I can say is wow. This is arguably the best classically-inspired heavy metal that I've ever heard, and I cannot recommend it enough. Even given that it's in a different language, it's quickly hiking its way to the summit of my iTunes play-lists.

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