Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Has Anyone Ever Used a Meta-Naming Scheme?

Today at work, we set out to name some conference rooms that had previously only ever had numbers. Lots of themes were suggested from local landmarks to moons and planets from Star Wars. That got me to thinking about the Geeky Science Fiction Themes Meta-Theme. Here's how it works: when you need a name for your machine, project, conference room or whatnot, and you want to be assured that you'll never run out of names, just start using the names of cliches from science fiction and fantasy. Here's a few names you could use:
  • Alien Units of Measure
  • Alternate Earth Presidents of the United States
  • Powerful Artifact Weapon That Only the Prophesied One May Wield
  • Landmarks of Science Fiction That Were Turned Into Terrible Movies
Imagine planning a meeting and telling your co-workers to meet you in Alien Animals That Are Really Just Chimeric Earth Animals at noon! It's guaranteed that they'll remember!

Some tips: make sure the first word is unique as many people will tend to refer to a room by that word (e.g. "Alien," "Alternate," "Powerful," and "Landmarks" from the above list). Also

Meds... I need to find my meds....

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