Friday, March 12, 2010

iTunes vs. Amazon

Have you ever compared iTunes and Amazon for music download services? I have, and while both services have something unique to offer, I can quickly point you to the two largest differences between the two. Here's a link to a page on Amazon:

 Free Albums on Amazon

And here's a link to a similar service through iTunes.

 Free on iTunes

You will notice these differences:
  1. The iTunes link doesn't go to a Web page that has the items on it. Instead it goes to a nearly blank page that, if you have the right browser features, will allow you to launch iTunes to go to the iTunes store.
  2. The Amazon mp3 store has 120 free albums for download. The iTunes store has two songs and a music video. No, I'm not kidding, check it out.
Enough said? Of course, free music isn't all there is, but I figure it's worth going through those 120 albums from Amazon first and then maybe browsing their over 1,500 individual free songs and then think about which music service you want to patronize for your non-free music purchases.

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